Easiest Difficulty Too Hard And 3 Characters

I just tried playing on the easiest difficulty as Sabrewulf, since I’m more better with him and even on the easiest, it’s hard to beat the AI; I fought one of the Omen’s and all he did was counter, react to whatever I pressed and it was hard to know if he was pressing heavy attacks, lights or mediums, because that fast kick he does is always the same speed, so I carried on and couldn’t beat any of the Omen’s and Gargos completely destroyed me with all of his items lmao.

Also, there should be a option to just play with one or two characters and have 3 lives if there aren’t three characters, and also three turns for the one/two characters so it’s balanced for those who haven’t brought characters yet.

It is an interesting mode and well designed, but I’d prefer the AI (on the easiest difficulty) to not be cheating. If anyone has actually beaten Ultimate Kyle difficulty AI or the hardest on shadow lords, then you have my respect, because I can’t get a hit in, because of them perfectly blocking and/or spam attacking me.


It is really hard. I agree.


I was expecting someone to say it’s a troll topic or the ones that tell you to get good at the game.

I do hope they nerf the AI on the easiest one.


Yeah honestly Shadow Lords was fun and enjoyable in the early access, but now im super turned off from this mode and this game, Definitive Edition alone really pissed me off and the fact that not only Astral Plane was re-locked for me, but i have to beat Gargos on a harder difficulty when hes already nearly impossible to fight on Easy WITH ALL HIS BUFFS REMOVED.

Shadow Lords is poorly made in terms of trying to find appeal to the casual audience, im a casual player, i play for fun, but Shadow Lords is not fun, not anymore, its a poorly done story mode and i cant enjoy it and i cant even get the stage i’ve been waiting for


Agreed, he’s stupidly difficult even on the lowest setting with no buffs. Now that I’ve got my Glacius skin I’m done with Shadow Lords, its not fun anymore which is a shame because it was amazing in the early access build.


Yes @Oladludhaven I agree, to unlock the stage on the harder difficulty. I didn’t think people would be agreeing with me on this one, but it seems I ain’t the only one struggling.

I never seen the early access, but I do hope they lower the countering of the AI, especially when you meet the opponents with ‘hard’ difficulty labelled (sub-difficulty if that’s a word lol).

I mean, Gargos was suppose to be hard from the beginning. Beta Gargos was the warm up. No complaining now that the real deal’s available.

True, but it’s understandable that it shouldn’t be ball-bustingly hard on easier difficulties. Some people need to get their feet wet before jumping all in you know.

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Isn’t that what the dojo and training mode is for?

i wonder what they gonna do about the empty slots at the guardians room. New guardians I suppose. Will those new guardians worth a run against godlike Gargos? Right now it feels like the current guardians can’t do much for you to have a chance of beating an IMPOSSIBLE boss fight.
I aint gonna lie, i was easily wrecked even removing 4 of his buffs on challenging difficult.
I wish the devs did a stream playing shadow lors on godlike so we could know what we doing wrong.
At the 3.5 patch, i suggest to include new difficulties like NOOB (easiest, 15% rewards only) and UNHUMAN (very hard, in between challenging and godlike, 50% rewards only). And please make the new guardians worth the buy. Another suggestion are to create the eagle spirit. It does sharp attacks with 25% of damage. Can be used 4 times in a round and take 5 seconds to reload. One more suggeston: The Scorpion spirit. His painful sting paralyses the enemy for 10 secs. Please dont let us wish throw our controlers right at our screens.

I disagree. Even on an easier difficulty, you should still have to put in real effort for the win against Gargos. That’s the whole point of the mode. You either work at breaking down his buffs to give yourself a fighting chance, or you take him head on with all his buffs in all his full glory. If you fail, try again. You know what to prepare for.


Like the AI gives a damn lol.

Actually you’d be surprised.

we cant deny how Gargos are utter broken on Shadow Lords even at normal.

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Not sure what you’re on about, since I’ve only played this just now and I can’t beat the easiest one.

I did put effort into it, but how can you fight against a constant countering AI? I can’t do anything against it.

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I think on the easiest difficulty, at least make the fights easy and the omen’s increase a tad, instead of constant countering, like how survival is on the easiest.

See, your misconception was thinking that just because you picked the lowest difficulty setting, it would be easy. This fight was definitely not made to be easy. PERIOD.

I wouldn’t call it a constantly countering AI though. That may exist in this game but this is definitely not it.

Well it is for me, plus it should say that then. The Omen AI constantly counters me, plus I’m only good with Sabrewulf.