Early access

Is there another way to get early access?

Beacuse im impatient for those of u want to get early access rukizzel only made for the best players to :heart:

Nope you have to wait like all the other non special peeps. 3 more days…it’s tough but we can do it.

I wouldn’t count on it, but it’s only 3 days away. We made it this long without him we can stomach 3 more days lol

Wait, who’s getting early access?

Well if you somehow become a prominent member of the community within the next three days then they might give you early access.

I do know that this upset a lot of people. I have been on several streams where the host said that only the but kissers got it. I don’t agree with that fully, but do understand why some would think that.

I see, thanks.

Yeah pretty much… it upset quite a few people. I can understand it though.

No need, really. He comes out Friday. Just trudge through the work/school week and there’s a huge reward on the end for all of us.
The people who got him early mostly got him for testing and advertising purposes.

3 Days…


But my school time ends at 2:35 PM

You get out earlier than I ever did. Hell there’s been times I’ve been stuck at the college until 9pm, so I think you’ll do okay. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Besides, if you get him on Friday, it means you get to play with em all night and then wake up and play some more. Getting a character release during the week means you’d have to play just a while, then go to school for another 8 hours or so before you played them again the next day.
A little bit of a wait means more time to enjoy the premier!

Ok but im in high school

High School students still tend to have weekends off, right? Just like elementary school students, college students, and most workers.

Friday release is so it doesn’t interfere with people’s work/school schedules. The folks who got it early are the people who play the game as their job.


The school thinks im retarded so they put me in one i was never ment to be in

Also im 14 yrs old

It was for contributing members of the community. Forum moderators, popular streamers, ect… there is no butt kissing involved or anything to be jealous of.

Become a forum moderator, a creator of KI World Cup, or a content creator with over 500,000 subs

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Well, Gargos comes out tomorrow. I think this thread has run its course.


Nope now comes the question who will be the first to get him tomorrow. :sunglasses: