Eagle's Accessories

Check them out here: https://www.ultra-combo.com/eagles-accessories/




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Thanks the link didn’t pop up at first and I confused lol.

OMG looks like Native American Daft Punk Cyborg. That’s awesome, he looks like a back up for justice league.

Here is to hoping for a vigilante hood set one day! :wink:

I can’t wait until the gameplay reveal dude.

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Retro sets are awesome, but that Ultratech Armor set is Godlike!


I might’ve found my foursome…

These all look great! I’m very impressed with his accessory options on both costumes! :grin:

So @rukizzel , for the Premium accessory sets: I’m guessing the reason they need to be purchased with Gold is because he’s not part of a Season Pass, correct?

Wow he looks great! Very colorful!
Looking forward to playing a Eagle.

I think I might like the Retro better…hmmm… we shall see

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I’m pretty sure I like his retro better too

Hey @rukizzel, it seems pretty obvious that a lot of the consultations with the Nez Perce were about getting retro Eagle’s various looks right. Did you have discussions with them about his modern cyborg design too? It would be interesting to hear about that process.

I have two conflicting scenarios in my mind. The first is sitting with a group of elders or cultural historians to talk about all the details of traditional dress. The second is sitting with a bunch of young people and asking them what a badass hero should look like. Curious to know if you did one of these or both etc.

His default retro self looks really handsome. And his Wasteland gear looks awesome.

I might actually have a reason to play KI again. I’m genuinely excited for Eagle, something I haven’t been since Mira…

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More on that leading up to launch.


great job IG. eagle is awesome.


I would love to see extra uses to the accessories in Shadow Lords

Eagle special quests, needs to have Thunder, Glacius/Orchid, ultratech member to be completed

Eagle quests:
1-Sabotage: Only for Ultratech members: A mysterious person is sawn inside Ultratech facilities, destroying researchs and Ultratech prototypes. Random Ultratech stage, Eagle is disguised with Fulgore parts. He wants revenge against Ultratech

2-Allies?: Only for Glacius/Orchid. Eagle has a grudge against his former allies. He feels Orchid used him, and Glacius transformed him into an abomination. Both gets ambushed by Eagle in their stages. At Glacius’, Eagle wears his polar outfit. At Orchid’s, he wears his hooded outfit. If you manage to win, he calms down and forgives his former allie, but there is something he needs to do before joining the Alliance…

3-Brother brawl: Thunder finally finds Eagle. Thunder is surprised with Eagle modifications, and Eagle berates him for not helping him before. Eagle wears his regular outfit.

4-Spirit redemption: after being defeated, Eagle acknowledges that he has being unfair with his brother. He remembers when they were younger, before their parents death, amd they fought together for training. Both fight with his retro (Eagle) and his Nez Percé costume (Thunder). In the aftermath, a cinematic is displayed with both speaking with their father (Retro Thunder), while their mother observes them from the distance(obscured retro Orchid/other female char)

Wow that Ultretech set. Great work!