Eagle's Accessories




Anybody getting a vibe of Turok through his retro?


Retro Eagle vs Retro Riptor = Turok is back!


#For those who don’t feel like downloading the images



Dat Eagle’s cyborg and wasteland accessories

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I’m going to put the wasteland goggles on the ultratech costume.


Did you read my mind? I will do that too… XD

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It really sucks that Kilgore and Shin Hisako didn’t get this kind of treatment, full suite of accessories, premium accessories, colors, retros, etc.

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Please, wasteland googles over snow warrior body FTW


OK. These are amazing. I have to get that Snow Warrior one.

Wish I could see it in action. :sob:

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Very impressive set of accessories. I’m a little more sold on the retro now after seeing these. Can’t wait for the trailer!

Wait I just Realised that one of the Retro Accessories is 300 gold. Why is this? Retro Accessories have always been free.

True, though retros have always cost extra and this time its included in the $5 cost of the character. If I have to pay 300 gold for one premium set I’m okay with it.

Wait Retros have always cost extra? Have they? I don’t remember ever paying extra for them.

If you got the ultra pack they were included in the $40 price but to anyone who didn’t get the ultra edition they cost extra.

oh okay

These are great. Some of the better accessory sets we’ve had for a long time. I Especially like the winter gear. You guys have done a great job on the retro sets too. Now to wait for gameplay!

that number at the left of the character was always there?

Great work with the accessories, really quite looking forward to Eagle as time goes on. The wasteland gear gives me a sort of “post apocalyptic/modern survivalist version of a shadow warrior from Warhammer” vibe, and I can see myself running that without the goggles as my main choice. Excited to see that it is his final accessory set too so there should be a nice variant.

The retro quite reminds me of a young skinny Tal’set, he looks pretty cool.

This isn’t eagle exclusive Maya has the same thing and I’m sure others do too. But can’t check right now