Eagle Matchups


Though he isn’t my main I’m still considered among the better Omen players. And I can honestly say omen vs eagle is probably the most lopsided fight in the game.

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Eagle doesn’t control space better than omen. Omens air mobility is tricky for eagle, a character with specific anti air options. Shadow form ignores most of eagle players current set ups. Our characters do similar damage. Omen gets more bar. Once he’s on top of eagle air dashing, eagle has to defend the hard way. Omen has better neutral buttons. The list goes on.


Ok, people have stated that Omen is a HORRIBLE MU for Eagle. But now, I think that statement is no longer as true. I feel that Omen can actually struggle in that MU (in a way).

Eagles zoning is great in this MU. Any jumpins can easily be countered by jumping charged arrow. Any fireball attempts can be negated by scatter shot. Any air dash pressure can be countered by deploying bird bomb, getting the trade, and knocking him back to the other side of the stage.

Know, I know Omen has lots of options to get out of pressure, but I’ve focused on zoning him out now more then trying to get mixups when he has meter. At with the many knockdowns you get, you have many chances to call shadow retrieval.

Just what I think, idk if other Eagle or Omen players feel different.

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Omen is one of my mains and agree with this honestly. Eagle shuts down omen’s fireball game imo.