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Seen alot of tech here for Eagle but nothing dedicated for his matchups so here it is. Nothing official, so this can be first impressions or in depth discussions. But this is just to get the ball rolling. With all this being said be aware this some weeks after his release so when IG updates characters thing might change so keep this mind. Keep it civil and all that.

Since Eagle is such a unique character i feel it is necessary to sort of outline his general approach to a match. But since this is my first impression I feel that a few characters deserve a more in depth look, those are Rash, Aria, Shago, Glacius?, and Kan-Ra. Everyone else i will throw out a few points so feel free to add to the discussion
To me Eagle can control the pace of the match very easily, especially when he is in tandem with the bird. At full screen he can dominate with scatter shot and upshot, the bird screech can destroy basic projectiles too. But he only has 12 arrows so it wont last forever, luckily in this regard, his high mobility in the form of wingspan can allow him to retrieve them and get out to start the process all over again. But the midrange is where Eagle excels, where all his tools are most effective. You can rapid fire arrows at the opponent, lock them down with bird screech, fish for hit confirms with his bone whip, and cover his unsafe slides with the bird. Plinking the bird in with these tools makes him very dangerous, giving multiple opportunities to open the opponent up. These are even more effective on knockdown, giving when you properly set up with up shot, can even create unblockables. However his normals arent the best so when going up against characters with a better neutral he should instead use his air mobility to his advantage, attacking from different angles. Objectively, Eagle has the worst defensive options in the form of bird crash. So with this in mind, keep the approach on his terms, set the opponent up, and mix it up to keep momentum.

Eagle has 0 defense… he loses on hard knock downs and corner pressure. In the neutral game he has no reliable designated AA that works ‘consistently’; you’ll likely either trade, or whiff an attempt (which is dumb). He stands a chance in most MUs regardless of the MU because of some of his offensive attributes. Bare in mind that the offensive attributes definitely set precedence over the defensive; try not to put yourself in compromising positions otherwise you’ll pay for it. I don’t think Eagle has any bad or good MUs. He’s in a class of his own; imo.

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Anyone who can constantly pressure Eagle on wake up will surely have a major advantage. Those like riptor and saberwolf can be a real problem for him once they start their aggression. If they don’t leave any room for him to a bird crash, the only you can do is sit there and hope you survive the storm.

Personal list of matchups vs season 1:

First number is for Eagle’s advantage.

Vs. Jago-5-5: Both characters can effectively pressure the oppenent. Eagle has an advantage due to his bird screech pressure and better mixups, but Jago can stop him right in his tracks with his dominant neutral moves.

Vs. Saberwolf-4-6: Although wulf might struggle with getting close to Eagle, his good pressure game, better neutral, and high mobility can leave Eagle hopeless at times.

Vs. Glacius-7-3: With the ability to negate hail and keep glacius on the ground with his arrows, Eagle can stop any tricks that Glacius has.

Vs. Thunder-7-3: Due to Eagle’s high mobility and ability to keep his brother at bay with his arrows, he can quite dominantly control the match to whatever pace he wants.

Vs. Orchid-5-5: Both characters can keep the other at bay with moves like Orchid’s slide and Eagle’s bird screech mixups. Whoever goes on the offensive first will get the advantage.

Vs. Sadira-6-4: Eagle can keep Sadira on his level as long as she’s not in your face while in the air. If she finds the sweet spot, Eagle can have some trouble getting out with his low defense and that bird crash will not always hit airborne targets.

Vs. Spinal-4-6: Spinal’s soul surge and projectile invincibile teleport can really mess up Eagle’s offense. Making all bird screech pressure useless and zoning even hard to do, Eagle will have to play with more caution then he usually has to.

Vs. Fulgore-5:5- Although Eagle can negate much of Fulgore’s zoning, it will just make fulgore become more aggressive and have to use his teleport mixups to try to dominate him. It anyone’s game once they get face to face.

I’ll do my personal list for other matchups later

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Playing the matchup with my own characters, Aganos beats him, omen completely dominates him, he’s even with the general.

Since i main the Toad here’s my opinion
Imo, Eagle vs Rash is by far Eagle worst matchup, a solid 6-4 with chances for a 6,5 - 3-5.

First Eagle has a very bad wake up (perhaps the worst of the game except for Gargos) and Rash is a very strong Rushdown char with high mobility. Its very hard to keep him out and is very easy to get opened by him.
Second, Eagle has few options to challenge an aerial offense,
Third, Rash footsies and ground game are much better than Eagle
Last and more important, Eagle can’t zone Rash, and even if he tries he can end losng his arrows for the entire match. If Rash manage to hit Eagle arrows with his Wicked Tongue EAGLE LOSES A ARROW FOR THE REST OF THE FIGHT. This is a BIG issue for the indian boy in this particular MU (and i honestly think that will be fixed in the 3.9).

So, if you wanna counterpick Eagle, pick the Toad


Just a question. Why do you believe that is something that ought to be fixed?

Against Raam I’ve had much ease beating him by just using a hit and run technique. I’d say it’s in Eagles favor. Why do you think it’s even?

It’s not that bad of a problem for eagle really. You just can’t be that aggressive and careless about using your arrows. I’ve only lost about 1-2 arrows rarely in any of those matchups.

Raam just has to wait. He has plenty of ways to deal with eagle’s particular zoning. And once he’s in eagle’s dead. Eagle at most is an annoying fly for Raam. His zoning isn’t as hard to deal with as Fulgore kilgore or aria etc.

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While rash does beat eagle he has little options if eagle gets setplay started. And he has safe jumps on rash’s big bad boot. So he has options vs rash. His worst match up is probably omen. As omen has to respect very little of what eagle does.

I believe I need more matchup knowledge against good raam players. It’s hard to find them

Just a guess. Put eliminating an enemy tool for good on a match don’t seem right to me. Agan, its just my opinion.

me record was 7 LOL

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The arrows travel to fast to catch them by reaction. The only way you can catch them is by dumb luck. Yet that’s your opinion and I have mine.

Now that was a reckless eagle. Rip him


He can just time his shadow form to escape any set up. Long as hes not predictable with it omen will always have an escape to eagle’s set play. There’s also a gap inbetween the bird screech that omen can throw in orda shield to disrupt him. Meanwhile omen’s pressure is too strong for eagle to deal with. Between locking out meter so he can’t shadow counter, which is hard to consistently do against omen already and eagle’s shadow counter being weaker than the rest of the cast already, poor aa options against an already hard to aa character, he virtually has no options against Omen’s pressure. And will just be stuck blocking. Bird bomb isn’t Even really an option since there’s few gaps Between omen’s pressure where eagle can call it out. Plus a having a good throw range makes throwing it out even riskier. To me omen vs eagle is a true 7-3 fight. Eagle has to play perfectly and make a ton of hard reads against omen from start to finish.


Hmm. Didn’t realize that gap was enough to squeeze Orda in. Guess it makes sense. When i found that gap myself, i probably dismissed Kim’s proj. invincible move because it’s easily stuffed from that range and focused on parry.