Eagle has some ridiculous setups

I don’t know if anybody else has shown any of these setups before, so I thought I’d post some here. The neutral bird assist is so damn strong at keeping strong pressure, while replenishing ammo, and it also recovers immediately. All of these setups are built off of this move.

Main Setup:

One chance break with meter. It can be done without meter by sliding in or hitting a manual at any point. Can’t be Shadow Countered, can’t be backdashed. The arrows that the bird pick up actually hit overhead because I’m doing qcb+p at the same time (really cheap). It’s a pretty hard to escape high-high-low-high-qoierjfpqeornv mixup.

It can also be altered to get the following resets:

Crossup reset (with me trying to block it):

Double crossup reset (with me mashing jab):

You can also confirm the 1st low arrow into Shadow Rain Shot for some tricky, high-damage resets:

Shadow Rain Shot low-high reset:

Shadow Rain Shot crossup reset:

Shadow Rain Shot frame-trap xx crossup reset:
I was mashing jab after the Shadow, and got counter hit

Throw setup:
This is something I’m working on off of a throw. It’s hard to know if it’s actually tight because of the lack of control with the record function. This is one of many that you can get off of a throw.

Just a cool combo:


Awesome tech dude!

This right here is the reason why I said he would get nerfed from day one he was out i saw all the potential but no one believed me thanks for this man this is just what I needed to see not claiming I did this stuff or thought of this stuff just imagined that he was able to pull this stuff of great videos man :ok_hand::v::facepunch: not saying I wanted him nerfed but I also did some weird stuff wen levelling him up that I didn’t record witch to be honest I knew was broken but I didn’t actually know what I did you most certainly know what your doing that’s pretty obvious really great stuff man :muscle::muscle:


I don’t think any new character ever went un-nerfed, so it isn’t surprising that someone would find absurd setups that would potentially call forth the nerf hammer. That said, I don’t think his nerfs would be associated with his setups all that much as they adjust his frame values to keep him from getting away with too much things, similar to Shago.

Either way, I actually like his setups, it fits his archetype very well.


Hisako got very few changes after her release and Aganos got buffed after his.


Fair enough, but that was Season 2. We saw the trend of nerfs more with Season 3 and post. Kilgore had similar setups and he was nerfed after the last few patches. I should’ve worded that better when referring to nerfs.


Yeah I definitely agree with you on that I think it does that being sad overall he is pretty good to deal with not impossible to fight against :facepunch:

Actually, Kim and Raam got mostly buffs. Raam got nerfs in some areas, but his buffs were very important(like running bear changes)

Speaking about Eagle… yes, he has some nasty setups. But also, he is extremely weak to other chars offense. He has no reversal, bird D+KKK needs some room to be used, it can be baited, is very weak against armor or projectile invul moves, and has a huge cooldown.

And his damage is pretty weak. His interruptible combos are below average in terms of damage, so he has to rely on projectiles to make them harder to break.

Maybe some of his setups are too strong. Maybe. But right now, with this setups,he losess to a remarkable number of characters. If his offense is nerfed,maybe his defense should be toned up.

Dunno, I feel is too soon to valorate

Eh, none of Kilgore’s setups were nerfed. He saw a huge drop off on his PD (deservedly so, even without mixups he was doing too much here), and a ton of bug fixes, but he’s the same character he was at launch in terms of zoning and setups.

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Didn’t mean his setups were nerfed as much as his output was. Which is exactly what I expect with Eagle concerning his KV and how much arrows he can continue to string together for a one-chance break combo.

This is why i can’t enjoy learning Eagle. When every time you explore new tech and possibilities you find stuff that’s super nerf worthy it ruins the excitement of finding tech.


How optimal are these set ups? In practice I find that the bird is inconsistent with efforts to retrieve the arrows and still maintain the combo. Somewhere between the second upward arrows and calling the retrieval assist, the combo drops. How are you keeping it going? spacing? timing?


Thank you for these setups. All praise to you these are some next level setups. But the are not air tight because in between the second rain shot after (hard knockdown) and the low shot is a gap where you can fit a jab in there BUT they will still get hit by the rain shot and you can still confirm this into a combo. It would be more wise to condition the opponent to block on wake up by using bird screech pressure though.

Here is my own little contribution. It uses the rain stagger from bird screech plus a little corner throw setup


Looking at these setups really makes me wonder why more people don’t pick him up. These are innovative and flashy combos that are extremely effective. Imagine if more great players picked him up, imagine the endless setups!

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Because people wanted lovecraftian wendigo that shoots nuclear warheads from his anus, and they got some dude with a bow and arrow.


You sir, just made my day with this comment :laughing::laughing:

And the community shall rest not until our demands are met!


Thx man I really needed this


Eagle came at the tail-end (presumably) of development of a game that has been out for three years now, and isn’t necessarily super straightforward. While the seasonal model for FG’s is one I generally like, I think it has an inherent limitation in that later characters will generally tend to be less prevalent/popular, if for no other reason than that most people have already spent two or three years learning particular characters or MU’s.

It’s a lot of work to take a character like Eagle (who has a lot of potential, but is relatively hard to unlock) into high-level play, and I suspect most people just haven’t bothered to take the time. You can get more consistent results with considerably less effort, so unless the character or archetype really appeals to you, you’re probably not going to bother.

I think that’s true for most of the late S3 cast to be honest. They tend to fall on the more complicated to play/unlock side of the spectrum, and that limits how many people play them or are willing to put significant time into them. I think Gargos is probably the only late-S3 character who has multiple players who can run the character at high level.