Eagle Gameplay Discussion


He’s got some crazy dirt. This character is gonna be amazing to lab.

Played him for 5 minutes! :smile:


Im not liking the jumping kick special move… I haven’t really found any good use for it yet. Its kind of hard to use in a real match. Its going to be interesting to see some Eagle mains figure it all out…but so far…not really my archetype.


I’m using it as a Dodge move, or to get in quickly.

I just need to lab him a bit more and see what I can come up with.


It helps with mixups up close.


I think before we start talking about whether or not he’s good, fun, or bad, he needs to be ‘completed’. He’s buggy as all hell right now. Shadow counters don’t rule in his favor, because his start up for it is the slowest in the game for some reason, He crashes the KI app when charging his arrows, & overall he just feels clunky and poorly designed to me. I had high hopes for Eagle, as I am a Thunder main. There a lot of inconsistencies in his gameplay right now. I honestly don’t feel like he’s worth using at the expense of having to micromanage his resources, and use his highly unsafe ‘mixup tactics’ The arrows are great until they’re all gone, & his defense is absolute trash. No wake up, no overhead, No constant anti-air either. Right now he belongs in super smash bros. melee; NOT KI. Thats just my opinion…


How is he like a Melee character? I agree and disagree with some other parts of your post but this is just nonsensical. People say the dumbest ■■■■ on the Internet sometimes.

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He has some bugs, but they will eventually being fixed

Do you know that he can perform safe Shadow counters?

Unlike Arbiter, you can get his ammo back and continue with your gameplan, even better, you should be using his bird/shadow meter to reaload every time you can

His best mixups are all safe. The point of his slide being unsafe is that you have to cover it with either the bird or QCB+P

Well, for a character who has a double jump like Sadira, he better not have it! You can do pretty dirty stuff with something as simple as assist scream, H.Command jump, or cancel a blocked normal into command jump, into double jump for scary mixups[quote=“CHANCHULA, post:85, topic:20946”]
No constant anti-air either

C.MP is better than it looks, of course being a medium is problematic sometimes, but works better than you would think. Also, between angled arrows and QCB P(to cover the space over his head), he has better options to anti air than many other characters.

His defense is trash, but you know, he has some really powerful strenghts, he better have some weakness

Please, elaborate

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It’s an opinion, get over it.


Can we get a toggle for his arrows and his non-arrow HPs? Like, pressing PPP or Down, Down, P or something.


His HP command normals and QCB-P with his arrows hit overhead. Definitely not traditional grounded overheads, but they make for some nasty set-ups.

Plus, I mean there’s already several characters in KI that don’t have a grounded overhead anyway. Whether or not a character has an OH is factored into their overall design, so the lack of one doesn’t mean they’re incomplete.


There are a number of things that I mentioned that make him feel incomplete to me. OH is likely the least of them.


Ok. I got back from Chicago and had a chance to play Eagle for 20 min lol

I was watching streams involving Eagle over the week. I got that the impression that looked fun to watch but I didn’t think that he would be fun to play when I actually got my hands on him. You have to manage his resources, you need to watch if the bird is fired up, and you need to be precise with his arrows (So much stuff to think about on top of all the other stuff in this game). I just sat down today to practice with him and I’m happy to say that he is fun to play and will be a challenging character for me.

He seems like a momentum character. It would be kinda frightening to go up against a rushdown char with his bad wake ups and tricky mobility. But once you get going in his set ups and vortex, he is quite a nasty problem for his opponent. The thing is, I’m going to have to play pretty smart if I’m going to use him properly.

I’ll need to play with him more before I gripe or praise too much on how effective his tool set can be. I do wish that he had a little more air mobility when he jumps and gets an assist from his bird. Right now it doesn’t look to useful.

I will also that even though he looks MUCH better in motion, I do wish that there was a bit more animation in his face. He’s embracing the “stoic warrior” troupe so much that he looks sleepy when he’s standing idle lololol.

Great job IG! I’m loving the char so far.

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