Eagle Gameplay Discussion

Okay let’s get the obvious out of the way: he’s an archer, enhanced with Glacius’s tech and probably spiritual power. Our best comparisons in modern fighting games would be netherrealm characters like Kung Jin or Green Arrow for making predictions…

However, since this is KI, we know he’ll be quirkier than most characters of the archetype. We know from Thunder’s backstory that he was quite the wrestler, so he’ll probably have some sweet CQC stuff (like any good ranged combatant, he needs a back up plan).

We know the BirdBot will be an assist of sorts. Either instinct or dropping ammo or even more. Perhaps he’s a puppet character?

We also saw him sprinting in during the teaser so it’s safe to assume he’s fast on his feet.

Okay, what’s your ideas dudes?


Plot twist: He’s an archer but he doesn’t have a projectile!


Maybe the arrow be come a proximity mine/trap when the bird drops it into the ground.

Might have some type of elemental arrows? What I’m thinking is that the command you input to shoot the arrows, is the direction they’ll go in (ex: Light = Shoots straight, Medium = Shoots diagonally, Heavy = Shoots Upward…Those are pretty much the guesses I have for him

he mains Hanzo


Well its obvious he’s got alien tech and for some reason has a robotic eagle with him…

He’s an archer so they probably took all of our feedback about wanting a “magical” archer to heart.

It also seemed as though he controls electricity from the teaser so maybe that’s a family trait.

He’ll probably be a zoner, the opposite of his muscular grappling brother.

I thought it was supposed to be an Eagle Guardian

since he’s Eagle


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The other guardians look like they’re made of stone and magical mist, that thing was straight up a robot.

i think thematically he’ll be the opposite of his brother Thunder. If Thunder is pure grapples, then Eagle is pure Zoning.

I expect zoning recaptures and zoning flipouts from this guy.

What I would like to see:

-Tech arrows, with at last freeze (stagger), electric (similar to Eyedol lighting effect), and fire (damage boost)
-Eagle assist, ideal during knockdowns
-Good mid range game, not suited for pure zoning, more oriented to control a shorter distance
-Alien tech by Glacius gives him some elemental mastery, and I’m guessing electric attacks
-Ranged combos thanks to his arrows

This gonna sound crazy but, I’m getting Crackdown vibes.

An interesting detail about Glacius is his ability to adapt to his current environment, Perhaps Eagle adapts to match itself. (similar to the concept Isgreen had for the Crackdown agent)


I wonder if his arrows will either pull opponents in like Scorpion or since he’s got ties with Glacius, freeze opponents like SubZero … hmmm

… or maybe the whip pushes back … or if he has a lasso, he could pull folks in … idk … we’ll see soon

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I’d be really interested to see them do something interesting with his autodoubles and linkers. I am half expecting ranged combos like Glacius or Gargos but using arrows. Would be tough to do but I think they could do it.


I’m hoping he’s a very mobile character, I imagine he’ll have a forward run instead of a dash and I’m hoping for a back run too, with the ability to fire while running.

With the bird dropping arrows I suspect he will have finite ammo but powerful projectiles when he has ammo, like Arbiter. Since the arrows are dropped on the floor in the teaser they may require an input or dash/run to pick up much like Maya’s daggers, and the bird may be either on a call in or come in periodically/when you run out. With this mechanic I think he will have a lot less ammo than Arbiter and will have to reload mid match.

With the whip I imagine he will have good space control normals and be able to control the mid range quite well (which will be important when he’s out of ammo).

I think he will have a shadow move which is like Hawkeye’s super where he fires an aimed shot at the opponent’s position, which will be usable as a shadow ender for juggles.

With all these tools I imagine his damage will be average to below average, and his reversal options will be weak. He may not have an offensive escape option like a regular DP and instead have to rely on evasive options like a back run or some sort of dodge move.

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I believe that we saw some parts of his intro, and he enters running in the stage, but he will not have a run.

Like Arbiter, who runs in his outro, but he has regular dashes

That could be the case, but don’t kill my hyper mobile archer dream maaaaan! :cry: :laughing:


Haha, IMO he will have command dashes or jumps which allows him to move switfly around, pretty much like Hawkeye in MVC3


I’m guessing he is either a hybrid of three game types.

Zoning, Aerial, and Assist characters. Unless that eagle was just there for an intro.

If you look closely he also has a whip. I wonder how that will be worked into his gameplay (assuming it’s not just an accessory).

Mmm, at least we have a sea creature!