Eagle Gameplay Discussion


I see what you did there, and the mistake has been corrected.

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Too late

Speaking about aerial mobility, it would be nice if Eagle can call the eagle(bird for now, names XD) to assist him, but can also jump and catch it, travelling holding from it while he can use kicks


I never was a good typeist, my college professors can vouch for that.

But I think it could work. I guess sit is Aerial and Zoning, nut not assist.

But perhaps that Eagle may play in more than just intros and victories.


Eagle could control the air space from the ground, opposite Sadira.


Im guessing Hes gonna be like Green Arrow in some ways.


I’m thinking you’ll be able to fire an arrow out of either dash. The run might be part of a special?
For some crazy reason though, I really feel like he’s going to get an arrow move that comes appears from behind the opponent, like one of Green Arrow’s extra abilities in I2


Perhaps the whip will be used to wrap around and drag opponents in closer to him, while the arrows will push them away…similar to how with Glacius’s distance ADs work.


I have some ideas. His eagle will act like an Aria assist. Eagle can shoot an arrow in an arc. Once it reaches the ground, the :eagle: can retrieve the arrow and send it back to Eagle. Eagle has a limited amount of arrows so he needs to manage this wisely. He can also pick up arrows manually like Maya as well. Eagle can also give his :eagle: any amount of arrows. It will then act like a minion that stays behind Eagle shooting a consistent stream of arrows until it runs out.


I’d definitely get on the risk/reward bandwagon.

His arrows will be limited as implied by the intro with the bird relaying it to him.
Maybe he’ll have two life bars, one for the bird and a mini maya or fulgore-like pip for the arrows

I’m hoping he uses his arrows in close combat as a weapon (escrima) that would be so cool. Could this trait be a smidgen touch of nightwing??? Hmmm I wish lol

Start a combo like glacius only if the arrow is in ground like Maya’s blades (explode if the opponent steps on it)

Qcf lp short range arrow
Qcf mp med range arrow
Qcf hp full screen arrow
( hope none of this depletes his health like Mira)

Have him able to throw the bow with instinct I’m so signed up for the race.
Alternate instinct unlimited arrows or a huge arrow cannon projectile like Kim Wu/ Orchid firecat

Ultra ender cybernetic bird explodes or charges at loser like the aria section that flies full screen


So he’s got a whip too? (I just noticed that myself lol)


i hope he has ranged autodoubles with the whip, that would be so tight. imagine getting lashed across the face 8 times from fullscreen into an ultra combo, lol


I would’ve preferred a whip-centric character rather than it just being a secondary weapon. But oh well…


Hummm, hadn’t noticed that whip =O

It would be amazing if he fought with the whip and arrow, using the arrows for specials, projectiles, etc, and the whip for normals and throws.

We’ll see, but this definitely makes me more excited to see his playstyle.

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It would be pretty cool if he can use the arrows and whip together. Like shoot an arrow have it stick to a wall then attach the whip and swing on it. Kinda like spideys web swing in mvc.


You mean like Rash’s wrecking ball?


Yeah similar to that. Maybe even whip swing from the bird.


But he has a quiver too, with what looks like a lot of arrows… It feels like its gonna be similar to one of Strider’s moves where he calls in the bird that also drops bombs.


Eagle might have a whip but probably like Kan-Ra’s dagger it means nothing.

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Kim Wu was supposed to have a knife on her thigh as well- they omitted it and kept the strap


That whip looks like it’d take forever to release lol
Catwoman & Wonder Woman both just have seemingly magnetic whips