Eagle First Impressions


His back MP and I guess his cr.MP. They’re both pretty average though.

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I am watching Keits’ breakdown and I gotta say he is interesting.

EDIT: Damn, if I was not so invested in Kilgore I would pick Eagle as my zoner pocket.


I think that’s what make him a good balanced character in his proper kind of gameplay, cause I feel like hes a zoner, so he don’t need very powerful tool at close body he should struggle a lil bit. that’s nice and interesting

he remember me a lil bit aria, with thiseagle assist, he has to try to make all his approach safe using this bird. and also use him for crazy mix ups.
for sure just like aria hes a worker :grinning: and I like it, I think im gonna adopt this boy as my aria son.


he has a free cross up 50/50, or cross over empty low, or front side empty low… just for landing a grab. Im calling top tier. He has a lot of mira and omens tricks without spending meter =0


The thing is, when he is at offensive/neutral, he is pretty good, but his defense may be the worst of the game(!!), including chunkless Aganos and Gargos. Once he is knocked down, he is screwed.


I wouldn’t say so yet. While his set play and zoning will be good he has glaring weaknesses and its not hard to tell what his harder mus will be down the line. He lacks the damage that Mira has and the ability to dominate pretty much anyone in neutral like omen can. Nor does he poses the godlike buttons that those characters have. Characters such as Aganos or riptor he also won’t be able to.afford mistakes again as he won’t have many options to get them off of him. He has 0 options against Aganos tbh.

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He has great potential and I can see him being the next mixup/setup monster. Lots of neat stuff without much bang, but definitely takes its toll on people. As for personality? I suppose his animations are a bit average so it doesn’t much feel like the character sticks to you like let’s say Aganos, Hisako, or Ra would.

Much better than Kilgore and Shinsako on a level of design and animation imo, but not necessarily on par with the original characters in Season 2. Is it a deal breaker? Nah, he is still fun and worth investing in to see how his character arch fits in KI and the crazy stuff he is able to do.

In given time, I want to see how a fully matured Eagle will stack up to Jago.

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90 or nothing he’ll be another bad MU for Sadira. :stuck_out_tongue:


He has an issue with the eagle and stage ultra commands overlapping each other. If the eagle is standing by when you hit KKK it will attack the opponent before the SU can activate, knocking the opponent down instead.


Believe it or not she probably beats him.




Ohwowie. This fella feels like a whole lotta character in a tiny, enthusiastic frame. So much room for creativity with this character, the possibilities feel endless - and w a flipout to boot! Smart to leave out a recapture or EX cashout, force him to tap into the combo system for a manual>ender once in a while. The execution requisite feels sort of high, but my hands are getting old (and it might be better on pad?).

I love what of Thunder and Fulgore we can see in his moves. Fulgore’s f.HP doesn’t seem so silly all of a sudden, and I grinned at the delivery of Wingspan>Skyfall.

Considering how scary his pressure and vortex seem, and how potent his bow zoning seems, his low damage and arrow limit are perfectly sensible. He is Eagle, with an eagle, and his game is to peck you to death. Cute. I’ve just been futzing about a lil bit, having a blast. I’m a big fan of throws that unfold into big plays, and the zoning just seems so strong. People thought Gargos’ lil buddies were a pain…

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I think it might be one of those matches that if one person gets the upper hand and momentum, they win. Eagle has a lot of tools to keep Sadira out, but I feel like once she’s in, it might be a tough time for Eagle.


It’s good that not allot of people play aganos then :joy:


I’m more just going off watching Amenty and sadFlumps play last night. Eventually sadira will get meter and there’s not much eagle will be able to do to keep her out. We’ll have to see what ppl come up for him set play wise.


All I can say wait until someone like sleep play’s him we will be screaming nerfs like mad man


Looking at his toolset and seeing him so far fights I can see him doing well in are:

Shin hisako

Fights I can see him having an uphill or rough time with

Shadow Jago
Kim wu

Just an early speculation. Chances are he goes even with some of these.


i played against a kim yesterday granted it was my day 1 eagle but it seemed like it was easy for her to get in when she gets meter the person just shadow axe kick on reaction to arrows but idk.


Yeah, I was playing Kim fighting Eagle last night as well.

She definitely has the upper hand. She can reflect Arrows, and has a lot of full screen tools. Plus she has great Wakeup pressure, which is something Eagle struggles at.


My aganos has to go to the bar with thunder for a few drinks…

Riptor on the other hand does ok against Eagle.