E3 was total crap for me, all i wanted was Ki4 and Xbox VR, i guess gaming is finally dying

Both xbox and ps4 E3 was crap for me, dont know about yall, all i was interested in is Ki4 and Xbox VR, not part 2 part 3 and part 4 of numerous old crap games. what the hell is going on in the world ?

Thoughts on KI at E3?

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I don’t think there was a hint at either of these things.

Gaming (As We Know It) is finally Dying…

Seriously? Gaming dying?? Gaming is at its highest peak at the moment and the artwork and style of gaming has never been so grand!

You just set yourself up for disappointment… that’s on you. Ki is great, my fav game of all time…but it isnt the end all and be all of gamings life force.


I don’t think the E3 was crap.

  • EA’s presentation was bad. We can all agree on that right?
  • Microsoft’s presentation was good. They announced a lot of new games and many of them looked interesting. Sadly no new KI.
  • Bethesda’s presentation was the best in my opinion! They talked about all the games I wanted to hear. They showed RAGE 2 gameplay, announced DOOM Eternal and talked a bit about Quake Champions and I didn’t care for all the other games they talked about.
  • Ubisoft’s presentation was boring but not bad, at least they showed new games (unlike EA) even tho I’m not interested in any of them.
  • Sony’s presentation was mediocre, they made some strange decisions and due to not having a PS4 I don’t care about exclusives. I’m just disappointed that MK11 wasn’t announced there.

I went into this with a checklist:

  • Rage 2: check
  • Doom 2: check
  • Respawn’s Star Wars (Jedi: Fallen Order): check (kinda)
  • Titanfall 3: nope
  • Mortal Kombat 11: unsure, it wasn’t announced at Sony’s but WB still has a couple of unannounced games, so I’ll wait before I jump to conclusions.

I didn’t expect Microsoft to announce a new KI (even tho I really hoped they would) so I’m not that disappointed.

There was never any hint that a new ki would be at e3.


yup. If there was we would’ve known about it before E3.

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Anyone expecting KI4 was setting themselves up for disappointment. As for Xbox VR, VR in general seems to be losing steam. I wouldn’t say it’s dying but there really hasn’t been anything interesting going on in that front.

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“I didn’t get what I wanted so GAMING IS DEAD!!!”

… Uh-huh…


Well… Yeah…

Isn’t that how its suppose to work ?

More games than anyone has time to play just announced…but gaming is dead lol hey i wanted a few new characters, a season 4 or a peek at whats next for ki but i knew it wasnt likely so i set my expectations accordingly. Just like every e3 everyone cant get everything they wanted but seriously soooo many games just announced that if you cant find something to keep you happy than you just dont enjoy games period.

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Personally, I have zero interest in VR. Gaming has only had a fraction of the time movies have had to perfect itself as a medium, and VR has had less than a fraction of the time gaming’s had. If we’re comparing eras, VR is still pre-Atari. They might move quickly, but I kinda doubt we’re at that point yet where the technology and the experiences really advance generation over generation or even year over year. I don’t think we’re anywhere close.

To be clear, I’m not talking about graphics. I know that a PSVR game can put out quality graphics. I’m talking about the technology and the experience that allow you to do something truly special and unique and fun (while not getting motion sickness) that playing on console simply couldn’t relay.

So rather than punish my stomach playing what’s currently out there, when most of the experiences sound pretty mediocre at best, I’d rather wait and see what’s coming next or even next after that. I hope MS doesn’t get in to this game right now to the point that it’s a substantial point of focus from a software perspective.

That said, I do hope they’re working on the technology, so if there is some type of actual, affordable, legit reason to own this technology, they can put something out that’s at least near the forefront, as I’d rather not see one gaming company hold all the keys for a tech like this.

As for KI4, sure, I’d love to see more KI, I’m sure we all would. But there was no way this was happening in E3 2018. If they were working on a new season, then sure. But they’ve already declared this game complete, so we’re not talking sequels.

If a new game were coming out then, one would think it’d take longer than a year to develop to the point where they’d really want to show anything, as MS has taken much more of a stance toward announcing games that are coming out sooner than later.

Plus, and maybe I’m wrong on this, but I believe Keits said on twitter that he hasn’t touched KI from a development standpoint in a year. I don’t want to put words in his mouth, but I could’ve sworn he said that. Maybe he was just referring to the most recent KI game, but something tells me IG isn’t working on KI. That doesn’t mean no one is, but reading all of these things together, I tend to doubt a new KI is happening for at least this generation.

Interestingly enough, IGN posted a rumor that MS’ next gen console (codename: Scarlet) is reportedly launching in 2020. If so, that makes sense given that XB1 would’ve been out at that point for 7 years, which is a relatively standard console lifecycle (especially after both MS and Sony bemoaned the long life cycle of the previous generation), plus speculation seems to be that MS is relatively eager to put this generation behind them and sort of reset the narrative, as it were.

What’s interesting is that according to Thurrott, the codename refers to “a family of devices,” not a single console, but rather multiple pieces of hardware." I sincerely hope that’s referring to more of a basic, less expensive XB1 model, a XB1S smaller mid-range model and a XB1X high end model and not some strange crap like something involving your phone, something you put on your head, detachable console parts, wacky controllers or whatever. If it’s a next gen console, just be a next gen console.

But hey! Maybe one of those parts if VR related. Ya never know, I guess. I sincerely doubt it, but who knows. Maybe it’ll be “VR ready” if they decide to do something later? VR’s kinda sputtered a bit lately and it’s not really grabbing people like it was a few years ago, but I don’t think that means the tech itself is dead.

KI4 would be part 4 of old crap series…

I honestly don’t know why I would want a new console. I did upgrade to an XboxOneX and I’m not entirely convinced it was worth it. I really think there’s a lot that could be done on this generation that hasn’t been done. And frankly I am not interested in dropping another $500 to get more “teraflops.” MS has worked pretty hard to make me question their commitment to game experiences. So I hope they worry about that before dropping another console. Also, if the new console doesn’t have day one backward compatibility with controllers and software from Xbox One I’m going to be ■■■■■■ - whether it arrived in 2020 or 2030.

As far as KI, IG is definitely not currently working on it. I don’t think MS would feel especially committed to having them work on a sequel to the game, so it doesn’t mean that a sequel isn’t in progress. More convincing for me is asking myself “why would MS make a sequel to this game?” Do they need a flagship fighter? Not really. They have MK and DoA and Tekken and Injustice and Soul Calibur. Do they need a launch title? No. Do fighting games make big bucks? No. Even the most successful are not setting records. Do they generate a lot of good buzz and goodwill? Evidence says no. So if I’m a decision maker at MS what is my reason for greenlighting a new KI? I don’t see a case. (Hint: “because @BolajiNigeria wants it!”) is not a business case.


I think Microsoft conference was pretty solid. Clearly they’re trying to redeem themselves for all this mess they have done since Xbox one launch and get back on track. Personally, I don’t give a ■■■■ to Sony and their exclusives. Never will buy a PlayStation, that’s for sure. Microsoft has the IPs I like the most (I’ll admit they could’ve done a better job on that departament), the best network infrastructure and the most appealing approach regarding game distribution (game pass and exclusives in the program from day 1). I’ve always been an Xbox owner and will continue to be. Pretty sure things will just get better from now on. Phil Spencer is a man of vision.

My expectations were lowered already. Not losing sleep over KI4 not being announced at E3 and/or at all.

Agreed with BigBadAndy on this one. Fighting games don’t offer any kind of real incentive. If I was MS after the bs that KI’s community put them through over these years I honestly wouldn’t bother making another fighting game ever. I still remember the combo assist cries and rants. God forbid casuals being able to enjoy the game and not have to put work into it. Majority of gamers don’t want to put work into a video game. Until fighting games and their communities accept this reality, don’t expect publishers to “care” about your opinions. Opinions don’t pay bills.


I’m dissapointed on how MS abandoned Kinect technology.

Of course I would have been very happy if a new KI was announced.


DOOM Eternal
Trials Rising
Resident Evil 2 Remake
Super Smash Bros Ultimate

That’s enough to make me happy, personally. There have been much worse E3s in the past.

Wait, people were actually expecting something KI related at E3? OMEGALUL MingLee

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