E3 2020 (Unofficially) Canceled

If the cancellation is officially announced AND implemented, then that means there will be no E3 convention for this year for the VERY 1st time now.

This would be unsurprising. Another victim of the great panic of 2020. Historians will look back on this like the crash of ‘29 and wonder why we kept doing irrational things to make the problem worse.

Having said that, the developers will find other avenues to deliver their announcements and basically the only interest I have ever had in E3 is the game trailers that come out of it.


Have to admit I honestly feel the same, I’ve never really been interested in anything else from the event apart from game announcements, trailers and gameplay.


It is a panic, without question, but at this point, I kinda feel like it’s better safe than sorry. Not “buy all the toilet paper at Wal-Mart” safe, which I still have zero understanding of how that’s even a thing that’s happening, but more of a “maybe we don’t have giant gatherings during what the head of the WHO stopped just short of calling a global pandemic” kind of safe.

So I get it. It’s kind of a bummer to not have the crowds and the cheering and the celebration that comes with E3 when we’re in a console launch year, but as Andy said, we’ll still have the announcements. Things are still gonna happen.

EDIT: Oh never mind, the WHO just said that it can be classified as a pandemic.

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Update: E3 2020 is now officially canceled.

Guess the big 3 will have to find some way to announce their stuff. With E3 now canceled and all.

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Sony wasn’t going to be there anyway.


I know but I’m sure Sony has a way of showing off their stuff without attending anything. Same can be said with Microsoft and Nintendo.