E3 2017 General Discussion

The E3 conferences start rolling out today with EA, so I thought I’d make a thread for it.

Conference Schedules (taken from GameInformer) + adjusted w/o the pre-show:

Saturday, June 10th
EA - 12AM Pacific (2PM Central)

Sunday, June 11th
Microsoft - 2PM Pacific (4PM Central)
Bethesda - 9PM Pacific (11PM Central)

Monday, June 12th
Ubisoft - 1PM Pacific (3PM Central)
Sony - 6PM Pacific (8PM Central)

Tuesday, June 13th
Nintendo - 9AM Pacific (11AM Central)

Anyone gonna be tuning in to any of the presentations in the next few days? Which companies and games are you most looking forward to seeing more of? What are your hopes and expectations for this E3?

Please hope Bloody Roar can come back! And Darkstalkers & Devil May Cry!

I’d like to tune in but I’ll be working a 12 hour shift at work. I’ll probably catch Twitter traffic on my breaks. Would still love to know the release date for eagle and the associated patch. Hoping for a season 4 and a release date for darksiders 3

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Ms, sony, & Nintendo

Konami doesnt give a hit. Worst they make a pachinko machine instead.

I’ll be out to lunch so I’ll probably miss the EA panel today (won’t miss much though :joy: ) but my brother and I are definitely tuning in to the rest.
Though we’ll miss the Nintendo direct because of work, but that doesn’t matter much because we don’t own/currently plan on getting a Switch and it’s apparently all about the new Mario anyway.

It’s the centerpiece of their presentation anyway. They’ll definitely have more news to offer than just more on that game, though we don’t know how much.

A sequel OR a spiritual successor to Ori and the Blind Forest

The new A Way Out game from the studio that made Brothers looks pretty interesting. Typical EA conference and (lack of) reveals otherwise it seems, which is to say it’s the news-presentation equivalent of plain oatmeal and water.

Well, whoever “wins” E32017…
We can rest easy knowing EA lost :joy:

Do we know who is on today?

Microsoft has their conference at 5pm eastern today.

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Perfect Dark 3. Perfect Dark 3. Perfect Dark 3. Perfect Dark 3. Perfect Dark 3. Perfect Dark 3. Perfect Dark 3. Perfect Dark 3. Perfect Dark 3. Perfect Dark 3


Jet Force Gemini 2

Bloody Roar!
Soul Calibur!
Crash Bandicoot!
Ratchet & Clank!
Jak & Daxter!
Sly Cooper!
Omen of Sorrow!

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Microsoft in Half an Hour (2pm PDT) and Bethesda at 9pm PDT

Omen of Sorrow
Rising Spirit
Ori and the Blind Forest 2 (Or a spiritual successor to the 1st original one)

Unless Lollipop Chainsaw 2 is announced as a Microsoft exclusive I think we can safely call it a win for Sony. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Huh, that Xbox One X is pretty coo- aaaand cars.

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#New Metro! ■■■■ yeah!
I’m so hype for Metro Exodus it’s unreal