Durable XBox One Controller recommendations?

Has anyone else had moderate to substantial issues with buttons on their Xbox One controllers?

Of all the consoles I’ve owned, I’ve maybe had to replace one controller per system, if that. I think Xbox 360 had two break on me.

Tomorrow I’ll be getting my 7th and 8th controllers. Sometimes it’s the bumpers, sometimes it’s the buttons or the sticks.

All controllers owned have been the standard $60 Xbox One controllers. Anyone know of any more durable controllers?

My Elite lasted a long time. I purchased mine through Best Buy w/ insurance. Mine tended to last at least 2 years at a time.

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Man, two years? Still doesn’t seem like a ton of time. I have several systems and hardly any of them required so many new controllers. I dunno, maybe it’s all that KI mashin lol.

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I got the Gears of War Limited Edition controller which has done well for me for over 2 years now, the D-Pad is kinda iffy now but the rest of it still works just like day 1 even after me dropping the controller multiple times while I was asleep. That and the Hori Fighting Commander have both lasted way longer than I thought without breaking down, I had more problems with the X360 controllers than I do with these.

The Elites do not last long if you play Dark souls/ Sekiro… IMO just a regular XBox controller… the newer ones …are the sturdiest. But the Elite is by far the best feeling… they just have weak bumpers.

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Yeah the bumpers have been the problem on my last two controllers. If they are making the regular controllers better, this might be the route to go, perhaps. Thanks man!

Have either the Gears controller or the Hori Commander broken for you yet or did they just go longer than you expected without breaking down until they finally did? Just curious. I like the look of the Hori pad and if it feels right and it’s durable, that would be a strong option for sure. Thanks!

My Gears controller has lasted a long time as well …plus my son uses it in his room so its been through hell and back on a daily basis!

They’re still going! I had to buy a new console because the last one fried and I haven’t had to use its controller unless its for some coop. I’d strongly recommend them both if you are looking for a new one. Sure the left analog stick is a bit looser than a fresh one but that’s to be expected after so much KI and Halo.

Get a good fight stick, they never brake :wink:

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