Dragon Punch Motion


Yeah this is Difficult… If only the input buffer was alil more Generous… actually no thats a bad Idea… it would just swing around and bite me in the posterior when I’m trying to do something else.

I need to find these…I don’t even know what types there are in SFV… lol… Vesper had these covered in SF4 so that was very convenient. With The move Priorities adjusted in SFV I gotta start from Scratch.


Did we? If we did then, cool to met you online, lol :grin:

EDIT: Oh yes! I remember now! I was watching what you were doing. I remember I said that you were trying to play me, which is nice (usually people just do tehir thing, not caring what the other person does). There was lag in that match, so it was hard to react to thing for both of us.
About the cancel into shadow endokuken (when you got dp) it’s not a great idea against Wulf. I can punish really easy at that distance, so it wouldn’t make a difference =S
Also, I was expecting you to jump but you went (more than one time) with windkick instead. That won’t also put you in a great position against Wulf unless you catch me off guard or you can instinct cancel to keep your offense going.
Against Wulf a zoning game can work better (just watch out if he is close enough to do the hit that goes low (hammstring), but if you bait it with fireball cancel a Wulf would give away and will be open for you to punish.
Also, pressure after forward HK is good, you can go for a throw game (or bait them) since it’s a positive move. And overhead! That’s a wonderful move vs Wulf, just be careful of his sweep distance, because if you are some pixels closer it will anticipate (with that you can also bait his lows and go for windkick punish, since it ignores lows).

Don’t be afraid to use cr.HP for obvious clumsy jumps. Against good Wulfs, they may bait your dp using neutral jump and aproaching with dive slash for positioning or catch you when in neutral.

Hope that helps. But again, I like that you were playing me and not doing random stuff n_n


I get forward dash when trying to DP all the time. It’s a very weird way that KI’s input processor handles f, d, df, f I think. I don’t get it in any other game. I recall Keits mentioning it back in S2 as well as a quirk of the input handling code.


So it seems like the fastest way I can do a DP is using the :arrow_lower_right::arrow_lower_right: method… its pretty freaking fast.

Unfortunately I can only do it on one side… a friend told me a hitbox controller is quite usefull for performing DP’s using this method.


I don’t know if it’s mental or not but I get this a lot playing Fulgore and I don’t seem to get it with any other character.



It’s good to main chars without a dp input



LoL… Pro Tip !!!


Yeah, it’s helpful. Not that I picked my main because of that, but it’s something I don’t need to practice more on pressure. I can get it almost consitently in the lab, but I may get a fireball instead of a dp from time to time in actual matches.
Still, you can have some other problems with back foward characters, or at least you can get some negative edge stuff you aren’t really lookig for =S

Still, I like dp characters exist. But don’t forget there harder inputs, like k9999 “moon” special in KoF 2001 XD


Peehaps its time to Consider those One Button Specials that the FGC is so afraid of.


I said that one time. The title of the thread was “Do you use a Fight Stick, Fight Pad, or controller?” And then I said that I don’t like Xbox controller to perform DP.

I suck when I try to perform DP. Good thing that my toon doesn’t have DP :smiley:

I get impressed with these guys who masters characters with DP and never drop a chance to AA the opponent.


Ive never experienced this problem that Im aware of. Ive been doing Dps since the 80s so I guess its just instilled in my muscle memory. IF anything messes up its I get a fireball instead of DP ender.


HELL NO. One buttons DPs would be horrible


How would never accidentally having the wrong move come out be Terribal ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I bet having responsive controls and a easy to understand Visual Interface would be an absolute Nightmare !!! LoL.


Here is the reason why one button dp’s won’t work. Most dps are balanced around not working against cross ups. If you try to do the dp but the opponent jumps to the otherside, you have to start over. One button dp’s gets rid of that. Plus it would allow you to react to jump ins way faster removing a good chunk of offensive options.


A moot point considering players can use the autocorrect technique to DP Crossups anyway… as for jump ins… it depends. Exactly how far into the jump would it be okay to DP someone before it becomes broken ? After All The DP is an anti air… so what good is an anti air if you’re afraid people might actually use it to… you know… Anti Air their Opponents.


Auto correct dp’s also require more time to pull off than a normal dp, something where a one button dp ruins. What button would you even make dp? If you do that, you have less buttons to use for normals. The whole reason special move inputs exist is because there isn’t enough buttons for everything.


Ok, imagine how easy it is for cinder to AA someone with his simple input. Now realize it doesn’t hit that hard alone, now imagine a heavy damaging move now being able to consistently hit the opponent in the air. That would no longer allow anyone to jump now that it’s literally as easy to AA as a click of a button. It would remove the whole point of risk/reward and skill for jumping in and defending against that jump in.

Oh and imagine pressure strings, you can just mash the buttons over and eventually they’ll give you one frame in which your open to perform a DP, no input needed so no chance of it not coming out in that one frame.


Simple… you would have more command normals… this is essentially how 3D Fighting Games can how have a crapton of moves…

If special moves no longer required complex motions then there would be more room for Command Normals… but thats for Street Fighter… it would be a pain in the ■■■ to impliment this into KI.


So you want to get rid of an input plus a button for an input plus a button?


If they mash then simply block and punish the DP… after all thats the whole point of the DP… A whole lot of Power Upfront and a crapton of Vulnerable in recover.

As for jumping, better players are already Anti-Airing them anyway. After all you can’t hop KOF Style or air dash to get out of the way or block in mid air.