Dragon Punch Motion


So this is new… Out of all the ways I expected to mess up a Dragon Punch… performing an accidental Forward Dash is the one thats surprised me the most.

I guess the whole “Walk Forward and do a fireball.” Teaching Trick has outlived its usefulness since the :arrow_right: :arrow_heading_up: input has two forward inputs in it… doing it too quickly will cause me to forward dash… which has an Animation that cannot be cancelled.


That’s a pretty…rare way to mess up a DP input. I’ve done it before once or twice, but to do it basically means you’ve entirely skipped the down portion of your input. :-p

You’re probably getting something more like :arrow_right::arrow_lower_right::arrow_right: or something.


I have actually managed to get DP inputs while trying to do QCB. I have no clue how, but it has happened multiple times.


I personally think all DP’s should be the following inputs: :arrow_left::arrow_left::arrow_down::arrow_lower_right::arrow_right::arrow_right::arrow_upper_right::arrow_up::arrow_left::arrow_left::arrow_left::arrow_upper_left:::left_right_arrow: + Punch


Oh yes,I use that input when I want 100% accuracy. But that means I have time to do it.
Also the way I input dp changes if I’m facing left ir right. 90% of my attemps Will go for the z motion (I call it like that xD): :arrow_right::arrow_down::arrow_lower_right:
Zig Zag…

When blocking I can try :arrow_lower_right:x2

The problem I’m having seems like a buffer when I’m using Shago juggles: after a launcher I’ll do a normal then another normal then fireball. I’m getting dp randomly, and I don’t like that.


Its very unfortunate to keep running into hurdles just when I thought I was making Progress.

First it was trying to do a DP in Combos.
Then its learning how to Auto Correct a DP…
Then its figuring out how to cancel into a DP from Crouching Normals.
Then its Figuring out how to do a Fireball after Walking Forward without accidentally getting a DP.

And now its this… Accidental Forward Dashes.

In street Fighter Fighter its even worse because of the Critical Arts… Try to DP after a Quick Recovery and you get an Accidental Critical Art… or try to perform a DP as a reversal after blocking a Low Attack and the same thing Happens.


In truth, a lot of this comes with developing muscle memory. I used to have LOTS of issues with DP motions, but after many hours of practice, I’m pretty good at it. Sadly there isn’t any real short cuts, (Like Tiger Kneeing – a boon to jump cancel many of Sadira’s kunais).


Or… they could just… you know… Change the input or the move itself.

After all the whole point of the DP Motion in the first place is stop it from from being used in certain situations. Atleast thats what they tell me… its never been explained exactly what those situations are and exactly how fast the DP needs to be in those Situations.


DPs are some of the most powerful moves in the entire game. Almost all of them are fully invincible, do great damage, and can stop almost all air attacks. The few DPs in KI that don’t have those button presses like Cinder’s or Eyedol’s lack several of those features, but are used for creating more combo situations.

If the devs were to simplify the DP motion then they would also have to greatly change their properties.

The reason the motion is more difficult than standard moves is to stop it from being abused.

Even still though, with enough practice you can master the command. If I can do it, then I think most people can.


The irony here is three Weeks ago Tokido messed up two Fireballs and got DPs instead. So how does one Master a move that rail roads even the best players ?


I think I had a match with you earlier today, where I did Jago’s Double Roundhouse and tried to do Shadow Endokuken, and got Shadow Tiger’s Fury, instead. It’s been happening to me for the past 3 days and now when I hold down+back on the right side of d-pad, it won’t register me as blocking at all, which is strange, so I had to go back to using the joystick. And what do ya know? I still get the same DP input problem on the joystick that I get on the d-pad. O O F .


Tokido was probably in a tournament setting, which can be nerve wracking (despite the experience he has). Also, I don’t think anybody is safe from panic. Sometimes I just want to punish that thing that I just noticed, but I hadn’t prepared myself physically, so I mess up the input. It happens.


Yeah I get that… But unlike the DP the Fireball is a simple input and he wasn’t in a “Panic” situation… if anything I think the fact that he was trying to Fireball to press on the advantage means he was just feeling his regular old self… hence having a DP show up uninvited reflects more on Capcom’s decision to have those two moves overlap than it does on Tokido’s mental state.

LoL… I don’t know what kind of reaction I’m expecting to have here based on what I just said since DH did the samething with Jago… so I’m gonna brace myself. #FLAMESHIELD


To be fair the inputs overlapping is only a recent thing with fighting games having much more lenient inputs and input shortcuts to help newer players. In older games you had to be much more precise with your inputs so fireball and dp were sufficiently different enough from each other.


So never in the History of Fighting Games did it ever occur to developers to simply allow the DP to be performed with The Kick Buttons ?

No wonder MOBAs are leaving us in the Dust.


Actually Orchid and Thunder have DPs with a kick button. :wink:


And Shin Hisako.

Weirder still is Juri’s DP use to be done with the Kick Buttons but then they moved it so now it doesn’t overlap with her QCF Kick Speciall.



It’s not necessarily that the motion shouldn’t be able to be used in certain situations, but that there should be some form of execution required to bring it out in certain situations. Invincible reversals are powerful tools, so making one too easy to perform can make it somewhat degenerate (think Cinder’s fireflash, or Maya’s original leap kick, or even Glacius’ puddle punch). If an extremely powerful move that beats anything that isn’t block is too easy to perform, then it becomes the default option for, well, basically every situation, especially at lower levels. And that just isn’t really fun or interesting, for the players or for spectators.

The sloppy-input problem is partially a result of making DP’s easier to perform, as Sith indicated. While you may get an errant fireball where you wanted DP or vice versa now, in general getting the motion in the past was just more difficult to do overall.


I’m not yet familiar with the properties of those moves…

But the Tiger Fury specifically I feel would be cool if it were easier to do in some situations… not necessarily by me. I want to be easier to do for the sake of bating it out and punishing it. This is especially satisfying in Street Fighter V with its Crush Counter Combos.

Unfortunately after watching Capcom Cup and seeing Fuudo CA off one hit confirms I’ve learned that their reactions are just way to good to fall into this sort of trap. Very few characters have ways of setting up a Trap for a DP… you would need some sort of feint or armored move to pull it off in high level play… which I think would be worth it in the end.


Fireflash is a down->up invincible reversal, so extremely easy to do and not possible to cross up the inputs for it (which is a common way to beat DP’s). Maya’s original leap kick was only vulnerable for like 1 frame, and as a QCB DP that could be made safe on block (or that could fly so far away that it was nigh impossible to punish) was suuuuper abusable. Glay’s heavy puddle punch is invincible and also a quarter circle motion, and in my opinion he’s now the character most likely to wake up with DP if you’re standing beside him (his original puddle punch wasn’t truly invincible). Kan-Ra’s original sandsplosion is another good example of a truly degenerate invincible reversal - it had an insane hitbox, was often unpunishable on block, and only required a single button press.

You’d be surprised. A lot of the godlike hit confirms you see at super high level are the result of a strong buffer or OS game, as opposed to incredible reactions per se (though the reactions are definitely a part of it). Many top players are buffering supers when they toss out buttons period, so the only part they need to “confirm” is just the final button press to activate the CA. Other times, it’s just a straight up OS, where they’re supering, but it won’t come out unless the button hits something.

Characters that can alter their jump trajectories (Sadira, Hisako, Cinder) are pretty adept at this. Pretty sure I did it at KIWC against Thompxson, and Kalypso is very solid at doing it with Sadie.