Dragon Ball FighterZ

I’m going to main Future Trunks. I wonder if they will add the ability to have a multiplayer team.


Fat Buu is the best Buu. :rage:


Yea man I really liked that version of Buu, too bad he fell asleep haha.

If it has Gogeta as his own character, it’s an insta buy for me.
plzzzzzz Gogeta

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Geez, spoilers guys! I hadn’t got caught up on the last few episodes yet.

If this will be anything like Extreme Butoden, then I’m hyped.

Heres hoping Janemba and Cooler eventually make the roster. (and if they decide to include any GT characters, I would absolutely main the hell out of Baby.)

Goofy name aside, I think he could be a worthy candidate for a game like this.

Maybe for his finishing move, they could use his Great Ape transformation. Having him mercilessly beating the crap out of the opponent as a giant monkey, until he finally summons the Revenge Death Ball to completely eradicate both them, the battlefield.

A guy can dream…

We don’t talk about GT…


Dragon Ball Goku Time?

If it is its unreal 3. Can you imagine if this is on unreal 4?

Too bad we can’t say the same about Dragon Ball Evolution, because It’s awfulness inspired Akira Toriyama to make Dragon Ball Super…so thanks FOX??

Oops… super sorry. It was a gag tho so it changed nothing in the story. I forgot it was relatively recent and not many people may have seen it

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I’m not sure I would call Arc System works the "best " fighting game developer (although clearly they are good). And I will admit that I am not a fan of Drgon ball. Truthfully, I hate it. But having said both of those things, this is clearly a great pairing of developer and property and I think it’s very likely they will come up with something people are really going to like.

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Andy. You killing me.


I want Arc to do a Tom & Jerry game.

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I want Arc to revisit their PS2 version of Fist of the north star (and make it a worthy game without infinites and other broken stuff). Then, put it on next gen. Make Kenshiro Great again!


And I thought I was the only one that didn’t like DBZ, hence not being excited about this game ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Pretty nuts to think I could actually be playing a 2D DBZ game again, so sick of all the weird floaty 3D games they’ve made. I don’t want to fly around the screen and interact with cutscenes, I want to fight someone. Last DB game I enjoyed was an import copy of Dragonball GT Final Bout on PS1. (and that’s saying a lot because that game was pretty bad)

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Dan you too! :sob::sob::sob::sob:

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@JetstreamDan @BigBadAndy


I hope they get guilty gear style insta-kill “destroy” sequences so that we don’t have to worry about balancing a characters super ultimate attack while making it satisfying to watch and land.

On that note if super buu is somehow in this that his insta-kill is absorbing the enemy and transforming into a non canon transformation fusion of them. For example "cell buu, frieza buu and krillin buu