Dossier Pack for the Emporium

What do you guys think about a Dossier pack in the emporium? I thinking this would be a great kind of pack to have. IG could charge 2000 KI gold /7500 gems for a pack. The pack could contain 5 dossiers total. 3 or 4 random, and 1 could be a guaranteed one that you have that is currently locked.

I feel that doing this could solve an issue. The drop rate could remain the same, and it would be possible to still get dossiers that might be bugged in SL mode. It could also be a way to check to make sure the dossiers are showing up in the game correctly.

The best part would be that because of the pack you would always be working toward collecting the dossiers, even if you only do just the daily quests.


Yes, please! I can go entire runs without any new dossiers popping up. I’m at 82% and the drop rate has slowed down to a crawl.

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That would be awesome. I’d be down for this, no doubt.

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yes, please!

Sounds like a good idea.
@TotalJimkata tagging you to ensure someone over SL reads this.

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Thanks for doing that. I was not sure if I should do that.


Brilliant idea. That would be a massive help with collecting everything. Defo put this to I.G. Im sure that’ll be very helpful.

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Please have this happen, it takes an astronomical amount of time that not everyone has to obtain a decent amount of these.

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