So we have a campaign trailer and a release date for Doom.
May, Friday the 13th

Mick doing good using classic Doom/Doom3 soundtrack.
All the classic demons
The 9 barrel triple laser minigun
The fatalities
#I’m in love!


Then you should marry Doom!

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I think I will. I’ve probably said this before, but Doom is by far my favorite game series of all time. It’s the game by which I judge all other games.
In fact, a lot of the reasons why I love Doom are the same reasons why I love Killer Instinct.
Fast, visceral combat
A dark yet incredibly fun atmosphere
Great art direction

And most importantly…


I’m really happy they bring DOOM back for next gen console! But… I’m still wait for Nintendo bring Custom Robo back because Custom Robo is my favorite game childhood of all time. T_T

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HOLY SHEEEEEET!!! I have to have this game!!! I never got into 3PS games back in the day except for Golden Eye 007…but man, this looks great! And since Ive been working on Wolfenstien New Order the last couple months… this will be the prefect continuation once I beat Wolfenstien!

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Jesus, DoomGuy got a serious upgrade in the “I’m a murder these fools with my bare goddamn hands” department.

That being said, I am totally on board! :grinning:

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this game…is metal \m/

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Like you’ve said; a dark atmosphere but incredibly fun.
That is true, i played the multiplayer alpha and it was really fun.
did not expect it but i just kept playing.
think cause its simple mechanics, awesome weapons and just having a good time.
and there was like no lag at all. for an alpha, thats impressive.
Love the simple gameplay, without all the fuz of ‘perks’ and ‘special abilities’.

(wolfenstein was also a very good game! hope we see a sequel soon)

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Looks like a whole lot of fun. Unless the story is mediocre, I can see myself really enjoying this game. Have yet to experience the multiplayer though

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Im not a big fan of FPS but this game :heart_eyes:
All tracks composed by Mick Gordon HOLY S_ _ _!!!
Its a must have at my xbox list.

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The game looks really good. I just pre-ordered the collectors edition on PC.

You have no idea how long i’ve waited for DOOM to come back after so long :smiley:

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I can’t say I was around during the original Doom’s but I did manage to play the classics a few years back. Never played the third installment because I heard too many mixed reviews which turned me down from picking it up. This one though, this looks amazing. I really like the addition of survival on top of the story. Survival has always been one of my favorite features in shooters.

I actually still really like Doom3, even though it’s vastly different from the originals. It has its own charm to it. Awesome visual design, great atmosphere while maintaining a bit of the old school flair. While it may not seem as groundbreaking now, it did pioneer a lot of modern graphic stuff while keeping the huge, laberynthian level design. Seriously there’s, like, 50+ levels in the base game alone, not including Resurrection of Evil or Lost Mission.
Lots of content, lots of fun. More of a System Shock flair in some ways, but the world building and the sheer size of the game were pretty awesome.

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So, how about that crunchy theme?

Mick did a great rendition of E1M1 <3


For anyone who’s interested, Doom Beta launches today!

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Isn’t it the 31st?

edit : then again, it is the 31st in 3 hours…

Thanks for the headsup Fwufikins :slight_smile: I was hoping for a preinstall but wasn’t sure there was going to be one(although this was the case for the alpha as well - doh) so it’s all good.

Steam for sure is updating my old alpha as we speak & I am going to put S3 update on hold :wink:

Game is up to date but I can’t start the game on steam. (not serverrelated)