Donation Mode for Killer Instinct

Seeing Kilgore being $10 for the sole purpose of supporting tournament funds, I have an idea that can end some of this nonsense. How about we ask for a Donation game mode. In this mode, you are re-directed to a page that shows the future of Killer Instinct and its current goals with video footage, beta footage, interviews, updates and voting polls. The fans can donate as much money as they want for the exchange of Shadow points, KI Gold and etc. This will motivate gamers to want to spend more money on Killer Instinct while knowing that their funds are going towards the future development of Killer Instinct. Alrighty KI fans, what do you all think?


you got my money anytime with that system! thats just ingenious. can’t offer better :relieved:

yeeess :sunglasses:


What’s the difference between that and just buying KI gold really ? And it’s not really donating if you’re getting something in exchange for it in my opinion.

So… a system like Patreon?


I think it is a great idea. It would allow people to donate what they want to, when they want to, and for what they want to.


IMo is it, sample here : i buys shadow jago just for support the community and overall because of golds cause i don’t even use him. but had to do it for support the game and in the same time receive something i needs.:smirk: that was a way to convince everyone.

if you like sago you just buy him for pleasure and receive golds for free , and if you don’t like hime( me ) you just buy him for support and golds.


Fans already donate and buy so much stuff to support this game. You really want to create a permanent “give us money” mode that smacks people in the face every time they turn on the game?

Am I reading that right?

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So let me get this straight…you want a mode where we can give them money so they can turn around and make us stuff, and in return for making the stuff we buy the stuff and that in turn makes them more money so they can make us more stuff?

We’re already doing that.


I agree with this.

I think People are kinda driving this stuff off way to far. So I don’t think we need a “donation game mode” plus I admit, you never know if that stuff is really ever gonna come true or not.

Listen KI fans. There is a lot of confusion and debate with “F2p” models. Some states are even deeming these games illegal due to the false misrepresentation of NOT being a free game. I just believe that most “Free 2 Play/Pay” games should have a DONATION mode and the corporate side should let us know of the future goals of this game. Otherwise, you are just THROWING money at a company in hopes of believing that they will provide us more content. We need better communication as to why we are gonna just keep supporting tournaments/etc. from the developers MOUTHS themselves. I mean this game is not one of the top selling fighting games/ their budget is not very high. If you all want more, then we at least need an explanation. Its called “Bargaining.”

I still say it is best that we have future goals listed out by the developers so that we can see what we are supporting.

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However, not everyone understands this. Why do you think Free 2 Play games are so controversial?

Isn’t that what happened with Kilgore being $10!?

Why was your post flagged?

It’s not flagged, he deleted it

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Why? What did he say?

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Indifferent; while nice on paper, it’s something that, for me, is easy to assume it can be quickly executed for the company to pursue when in reality, we have no idea why how many channels it would take to get it done and for how long it would take. Considering the action for Kilgore, much the same for Shadow Jago before, looks like they want to go this route.

Also indifferent; not sure if Microsoft owns the IP or if it’s Platinum Games.

Me: I tried.

The “donation mode” idea itself is really bad. And honestly that can just go really bad in the outright point.

You’re just pushing on about it just because Kilgore was 10 freakin’ dollars. I can’t tell if this topic is suppose to be sarcastic or what but I can tell you it’s a really bad idea and the last thing we need is more nickle n diming backlash coming KIs way. People may not understand it, but that’s why you need to EDUCATE THEM about it. ACTUALLY EXPLAIN IT TO THEM. Don’t let them sit there and wallow in their own thoughts.

When people show an interest in KI I let them ask me a few questions and I answer it to them as clearly as possible and then I will just outright tell them which version of the game to buy so they can make it easier. Simple as that.

This is also my concern

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I see your point about having some donate box on the screen every time you start the game. I lost some respect for MS when they started selling ad space on the Xbox live area. Ads for games I get and fully understand, but when i turn on my X1 and see an add for State Farm, Progressive, or some other random company, it pizzes me off. I don’t like the double dipping MS is doing. They charge me for my live account, then charge some company to run a ad. I get it if they want to do the non gold accounts that way, but they need to get rid of the non gaming adds from the gold subs.

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