Dogs or Cats?

Continuing the discussion from Season 3 Trailer when?:

Let’s see how the KI community keeps their pets;

Do you prefer dogs, or cats? Or do you have fish, mice, younger siblings or other weird pets? There’s only one right answer, because dogs are the best!

Please discuss!

My family has always had both. I grew up with both cats and dogs, so I’m not gonna choose between them. <3

I’ve got 3 dogs. A big Rottweiler mix named Howard, and a brother and sister named Mia (a Labrador) and Levi (a German Shepard).
They’re all convinced their lapdogs. :laughing:

I also used to have 2 cats named Olive and Chewbacca who THOUGHT they were dogs. They’d follow you around and beg for belly rubs, and Chewie even played fetch!

I have a boxer/bulldog that we adopted in 2013, she’s about 9 years old and a 60lb lazy lapdog. She absolutely loves humans, but doesn’t get along with dogs, she was attacked during a period of being homeless before the shelter found her and treated her. She loves being silly and always wants to be laying next to myself, my wife, or one of our friends. She sleeps on our bed with us at night and spends most of the day snoozing on the couch.

I will never stop loving dogs, I have a higher opinion of them than I do people at this point.


I have a spoiled chocolate lab, named Jill. Dogs for LIFE!

Toads. Especially one that thrusts.

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I’m more of a Dog person. :slight_smile:

Pets are irrelevant these days… Sorry.

But anyway. There are 4 dogs here in my house. Cats arent trustable and dont give a single f*** if you’re around or not.

… Uhm… what makes you say that?

Cats for me. Me and dogs (with rare exceptions) have quite some trouble seeing eye to eye.

I grew up with cats, dogs, snakes, iguanas and piranhas.
Was like living on the ark sometimes lol.

Now I’ve my own household I’ve 2 dogs.
A saluki named loki and a springer named darcey.

Our 2 dogs do the exact same. Both shelter dogs. Loki was born in the shelter. Tho since we got then I haven’t been able to stretch out in bed lol.

The queen snoozer herself.


All of my animals are retarded. The cat runs the house. My big dog is scared of EVERYTHING and has separation anxiety disorder. My little chihuahua is scared of NOTHING and has survived multiple situations that no dog should have ever survived.

Why not a hybrid?


Dogs! Rocking it out with my Great Danes.

While we’re at it, here’s my butthead pups.

While by default they’re super lazy…

They often get into things they shouldn’t.


My family converted to dogs after my grandmother’s kitten maimed her (true story).

Oh I didn’t know we could include other pets let’s see.

2 Great Danes
1 cat
2 Fancy rats
1 Amazon parrot
15 Chickens
10 rabbits
1 pig
1 spider

And and partridge in a pear tree.

Edit forgot the spider.

As someone who grew up with both cats and dogs, neither! I am so sick of finding pee everywhere and hearing “ARF ARF ARF ARF ARF” everytime someone drives by the door.

Actually, I’m saving up and getting a ball python soon. Beautiful snakes!