Dogs or Cats?

Cool which morph? I had a normal ball 10 years old before he passed a few years ago.

Looking at pieds, really expensive but I love the white spots.

Recessive. - See this image on Photobucket.

Can I have a tiger?

I don’t mind cats, certainly less affectionate so if I feel like I need something that is very clingy and loving I will get a dog. Either way I don’t mind. Just depends on what I feel is best for me for the years which is most likely a cat seeing as I am busy with college and whatnot.

If I had absolute freedom I would choose dog just because how happy they make their owners.

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100% Catperson here. I have three myself.

I like dogs too but, yeah, they are not cats.

O.O those are expensive but very pretty.

In my case I enjoy BOTH cats and dogs equally for me here :slight_smile:

Also my family currently owns one dog specifically a Bichon Frise and our Bichon happens to be very, VERY wild and energetic as well as friendly and outgoing

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I own a cat but I love and have had a Scottish Collie (Rough Sable) when I was 14-23. My cat is a Male Ragdoll who is a seal point.

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