Does TJ have Anti-Air?

I’m finding extremely hard to deal with jumpies (Sadira, Jago, Shadow Jago).

Anyone, Help?

Hello! lol

TJ doesn’t really have a reliable anti-air without spending meter. You can tag people out of the air with vortex, but you get a chance of getting hit out of the air. You can Raw Tremor them if you have a good enough read, or if you want to spend the meter, your Shadow Vortex is Invulnerable now.

Also, Don’t forget about TJ’s Target Combos he has in the air. If you think you have a good read, you can tag them with a Target combo, and recapture for a combo. I like using the Light Punch, Light Kick one, as that is his other move that causes Flipout. :slight_smile:

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Thanks man, as always @TheNinjaOstrich to the rescue,

I know we had this dicussion before, but I wanted to make a new thread because I would like to know how the communitty deals with jumpies.

Man Sadira is a real PITA (pain in the behind), and also I get a lot of crossovers from jumping Jagos and Shagos, and don’t let me get started on cinder. Also the Frog (Rash) is being a pain with his wrecking ball.

Yeah. I know lol XD

Try Rolling under them, and set something up. You can’t do it everytime, as they will catch on, but It may dodge Shago’s Divekicks, but remember as it is only Projectile and Upper body invincible, so you must use it sparingly.

In the new patch, Rash’s Wrecking Ball now causes less Blockstun, so we might be able to tag him out of the air faster now. :slight_smile:

Ok, went online, countered a Jumping Jago qith Air Target Combo.

My question @TheNinjaOstrich , how would you normally follow up a air target combo?

As soon as you do a Target Combo do the following:

  • Manual in the air as soon as you land on the ground and Tremor for recapture.

  • Vortex as soon as you land to knock them back up in the air for more juggle opportunities.

  • Flipout with Standing Light Kick, to force a Flipout and start a reset.

Nice, here’s a quick question. Is TJ the only with Target Combos?

In the air? I believe so. On, the ground, no. :slight_smile:

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Orchid has them in the air now.

And the best way to play TJ against aerial opponents is to not play their game. You should almost never try to anti-air people with TJ. Just do lots of back and forth movement so that they fly over you or come up short, then punish them as they land. TJ has amazing mobility so you should focus on making the opponent’s air jump-ins inaccurate rather than trying to fight them with some of the worst anti-air tools in the game.


Here’s another quick question, does vortex works as an anti air?

I read that it got 4 frames less after season 3 patch

It can, but it’s not reliable, and your best bet is to avoid trying to do that.

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So in which situation is vortex reliable?

For Juggles, or if you use the Shadow Vortex.

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Man do I love juggling with vortex and then using tremor to finish with an autobarrage, LOADS of damage and a LOT of FUUU&%&S given XD

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Sadira also has air target combos.

As someone else said, with TJ you don’t necessarily have to contest jump-ins a lot of the time. Not sure if it works anymore due to the changes on roll, but it used to be that you could pretty reliably roll under most meaty jump attacks, and the opponent would need to option select you to prevent that from working.

Other than that, sometimes you really will just have to block. If someone does something meaty and roll won’t avoid it, then you’re just going to have to block and hold that.

And yeah - Sadira is hard to anti-air. Even if you had a legit DP that’d still be true. :-p


Truth is… TJ has glaring design problems, and tons of really bad matchups. IG has tried to re-invent him 3 times and it hasn’t worked. I love playing as him, but there’s no doubt that you have to ve a smarter/better player to win than your opponent does in most matchups.


What are TJ’s 5 worst MU’s, and what do you think TJ goes in these fights?

A lot of people complain that TJ is “weak” and say that’s why nobody plays him (never mind that nobody plays Fulgore either, or that weren’t that many Kan’s even in S2). It’s wildly overblown IMO. TJ has been and remains pretty darn good - probably not top tier, but very capable of competing in most MU’s. I’d like to hear where you think his bad fights lie, and just how bad you think those fights are if you don’t mind.

But for the record, “having to play smarter than the opponent” is not an automatic knock against a character’s overall viability.


Let’s just put it this way. TJ is slow and has no anti airs. Characters that spend a lot of time in the air are a definite problem. Characters that have this deflect counter are also a problem, since TJ is not fast and has to be in close to get damage. You can see him coming, unlike Sabrewulf who is much quicker. TJ also has no long range tools. His tremor does no damage at a distance. TJ players know that he gets no priority on any moves at all. Anything that is thrown at TJ will take priority over any offensive move does. His shoot toss has been slowed down. His in close jabs can get thrown, or out prioritized by ANY opponent’s footsies. His damage output has been nerfed. He has the worst standing throw grab distance in the game. His animations have been simplified to make them easier to counter (even going so far as to put streaks on his tremors so that you have to be trolling yourself not to break it)…

The list goes on and on. And don’t tell me I don’t know how to play with him either. With roughly 1900 hrs played, I’ll beat most of the players on these boards and rarely lose to anyone in a first to five unless they are a top 100 or so a player.


Wasn’t going to impugn your skill one way or the other - simply wanted an objective look at what you think the character lacks/what he struggles with.

I’ll take a few of your points on though:

TJ is pretty middle of the pack in terms of his movement. Not highly mobile, but not particularly slow either when compared to the rest of the cast. He crosses the screen more easily Kim or Glacius, for instance, and powerline is hardly the worst forward traveling special in the game.

In terms of anti-airs, again, I’d have to say that TJ is kind of middle of the pack, and largely struggles wtih a lot of the same stuff most of the cast struggles with. Even characters with pretty good AA’s have a hard time punishing some of the more aerial characters in the cast, and anyone without a DP has issues with meaty jump-ins - TJ isn’t uniquely disadvantaged in this space.

So Tusk, Kim, and Hisako then? I’d say TJ is pretty free to play footsies with Kim to be honest, and it’s not like those characters don’t give one another issues either. I’d say both Kim and Tusk have a far harder time against Hisako than TJ does for instance. TJ isn’t as slow as you’re making him out to be, and he has options out of powerline to bait or blow up every counter/deflect/parry option in the game.

Neither does Orchid in most situations. Neither does Thunder. Hisako in S2 had no really practical options for pressure if the opponent was on the other side of the screen (descent doesn’t count). Wulf still doesn’t. Plenty of characters don’t have long range tools, and most of the cast doesn’t have a full screen knockdown move available to them either. TJ is a close range fighter, but he isn’t super easy to zone either by the majority of the cast. Certain characters can of course (Kan, Aria with drones), but overall keeping TJ out isn’t something most of the cast can do effectively. For those others - well, that’s kind of their gameplan isn’t it? And TJ tends to wreck them up close.

This just flat-out isn’t true :confused: TJ works on standard priority just like almost the whole rest of the cast. You can get caught out of powerline options on start-up a lot of the times, but this is true of all “run” moves done at certain spacings. His actual buttons are pretty mid-tier in terms of range and speed, but his TJ combinations also give him quite a bit of extension on that, and trading with stagger normals is never good for the opponent.

TJ has nothing invincible on startup without meter, but that’s about it, and there are multiple characters across the cast who have the exact same issue. Even Wulf has to hold that if he’s on defense if he doesn’t want to get stuffed.

Everyone in the entire cast can have a jab thrown, period. All it takes moderately bad spacing or to be even a little late on the jab. All jabs also lose to anything that isn’t a jab from the opponent. It’s true that stubbier jabs make these problems worse, but it’s not like TJ has the worst or stubbiest jabs in the game either.

Hisako says hi.

As to the other things - yes TJ had his damage for some things reduced; he still does respectable damage within the cast. You just don’t get a max damage wall splat into automatic throw/overhead reset opportunity. His tremors were also already pretty breakable before - the only time it wasn’t was when TJ was in the corner. That’s really the only time there’s a material difference on that score. TJ’s still a heck of a lot less breakable than many other cast members - he remains the only character that can freely opt out of an autodouble into another strength, and even if he doesn’t finish the combo he drops into one of the better standing reset situations in the game.

Again, my intention isn’t to say that you are a bad player or not knowledgeable, or that there aren’t MU’s where TJ really is at a disadvantage and has to work harder to win than the other guy. But many of your issues with TJ are things that a lot of the cast struggles with, and the character has a ton of tools to work with besides. TJ isn’t top-tier, but he’s nowhere near scraping the bottom either.


I only have TJ and Hisako for the moment, so I don’t know much about other cast members. I have noticed that playing as TJ has forced me to be more strategic and more precise when I put some inputs.

Needless to say his play style feels so unique that sometimes I find very hard to go against another character. But when played right is very rewarding.