Does the eagle reveal disqualify a new lovecraftian character?

One thing certain: If we won’t get Lovecraftian in KI2013, he will definetly be one of the first announced characters in sequel, demand is too high.

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Honestly, them being bipedal makes them “not strange /alien enough” for me (from dayv0 pics, even though those are all classic Lovecraft style references). Would love to see what Keits and ig would do with a 6 foot Shuma gorath archetype!

Yaaaassssss that’s some cool ■■■■, can you imagine in ki!!

This makes me happy. Glad Eagle’s not that character, but also glad that you guys might be considering more characters at this point. With Rukari saying that there won’t be a season 4 announcement at E3, it’s easy to start wondering what the future holds beyond staying tuned. :slight_smile:

Really hope we see something like this guy in the near future:

Or maybe this guy:


To be fair, the “Lovecraftian” archetype is also full of themes such as corruption and wrongness that is not always apparent. So a human is also a possibility. Of course, he will probably be disfigured enough to cause some revulsion. Or maybe he will lose humanity as fight goes on. Or have shapeshifting powers with the most unsettling animations (check out Skullgirls’ Double, you may like it, although the style of the game is not entirely serious, so YMMV).

In fact, this opens up a lot of interesting concepts, which is honestly a very KI thing.

EDIT: Eh, I hope you guys can see the links, I prefer not to past pics directly into posts to save people’s performance/bandwidth.

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I don’t know if someone mentioned previously, but there is a quite famous lovecraftian inspired character in Marvel vs capcom games, Shuma Gorath


Those are both Cthulhu. Just drawn in different styles by different artists.

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Ah yes, one of Dr Strange’s villains.