Does the eagle reveal disqualify a new lovecraftian character?

what are your thoughts on the possibility of eagle having crazy lovecraftian features? I mean, his teaser seems to point to having some kind of glacius “digital armor” you know what i mean?

glacius echoes a lot of lovecraftian themes (as in alien in the snow), but doesn’t really have the maddening featureful/featureless-ness from the lore of that racist sci fi horror author. Akira style tentacle stuff (shuma gorath, prometheus [which is basically “at the mountains of madness”], any tentacle thing from hellboy… “the thing” probably being the best example in film (the genre has very poor media representation).


we’ve seen glacius dna experiments go wrong. Cinder is a product of that he looks like his mouth melted shut. In cinders stage background we see alien dna experiments going wrong. Maybe theres a link?

or maybe I’m reaching…

what do you think? Do you think it would be cool if eagles instinct somehow turns him into a maddening space oddity? Or do you think the dream is dead, and they went with the obvious magical archer that was teased?

I don’t think eagle is going to be anywhere near as lovecraftian as you said in your post but that doesn’t mean that we won’t get a lovecraftian character in the future, especially if there’s a teaser/hint for a possible S4 or extra post S3 content.

I don’t see any chance to have Lovecraftian accesories for Eagle. He has enough thematics on his own(Native american, magical/tech archer, modified by alien…)

Right now, as Lovecraftian horrors, only Spinal(his shield, actually) and somehow Gargos resemble some typical lovecraftian horror characteristics. Before S3 characters reveal, I totally thought that another Gargos minion would be playable besides Omen, and it could have Lovecraftian features

If there is a new character in the future, it would be great to have a lovecraftian one, an ancient horror with tentacles. I posted some time ago one concept I made about a lovecraftian char, a character with slow H/L mixups with its tentacles, but with a slow command grab that switches the defender direction keys for some seconds(madness!!), so blocking its a nightmare.

I don’t understand the connection.

Between what?

Eagle and Lovecraft

There is not, but @DescartesTruth really wants a Lovecraftian XD

I would love to see one too, but not in Eagle

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If / when we do a Lovecraft-inspired character, it’ll be pretty obvious it’s a Lovecraft-inspired character.

Eagle is not that character.


@TempusChaoti after Eagle’s release, will we have news about a possible season 4? or future characters or KI’s future in general?

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I know that this implies NOTHING at all, but kinda reminds me something…

This was the first hint we got about Eagle, besides the novella. This reunion with the Nez Percé, which later was posted, served also for building Thunder’s new costume

After that(your post), I was pretty sure about Eagle making it into the game. A part of me wanted this third post season character to NOT be Eagle, since I was so sure he will come later, with even more characters.

Again, I don’t want to get early conclussions, your statement neither confirms or denies anything, but it “clicked” a similar line of thinking than when you mentioned the “Eagle reconsidered” post

Please could someone show me an example of lovecraft char ? Is it a kraken monster or a sherlock holmes look alike ?


I’m curious about that myself.

Some examples, including Cthulhu(first), Yogg Saron(Wow Lovecraftian boss), and Nyarlathotep(last)

You may take a look at this: Lovecraftian horror - Wikipedia


Is that third leg pg?

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Just thought I’d point out that one of those is a Mind Flayer/Ilithid Savant from D&D. A pretty popular monster that wears the Lovecraft influence.


On topic: Until the developers directly say “This iteration of KI is over so we won’t be making more stuff for it”, no character archetype is off the table. Whether it be on a new season or a sequel down the line, there is a possibility it could happen.


Honestly lovecrat are really gross and I would greatly prefer other archytpes in KI

I understand your reservations, but all things considered I trust that the KI team will design it to be palatable within the KI sensibilities. Honestly I was a bit concerned about the presentation of Kan-ra and Hisako that KI would contort into something I wouldn’t be able to play or enjoy while my 4-year-old (then 2) was running around underfoot. Thankfully though that was not the case, and I have faith that a lovecraftian character will follow suit.

last pic remind me of monster from The Thing. :smiley: I love it!

Joanna Dark, Wendigo and Sharkman > Lovecraftian IMO

(psst you know what would fix that? a fourth season with all of them)