Does My Path End Here?

I recently moved to Montana with my grandparents to help them out, and to pursue work, education, fitness, independence, and all that other good stuff. Life is going pretty good right now.

But I left behind a 125mbps connection for a 3mbps connection (10 if we upgrade). I can no longer play KI online. (If we upgraded, and I used a wired connection, I may be able to get a match, but I doubt it would be “playable”, especially at a high level)

Is this it for me? Or is there any way to get better offline? Is practicing execution and optimal buttons against the AI enough, or will I surely get worse from the loss of mind- games in my playing? What about Shadows? Are they still playable with bad connection? Are they any better than normal AI at all?

I want to keep the dream alive. I know I could be good enough for tournament play some day soon, but is the dream dead without a real person to play against?

(I know it’s a long shot, but is there anyone here from Montana? Kalispell area? A LAN- Buddy?)

Shadows are fine, even w/o a good connection. No real time mind games, but for honing execution and the like? Groovy.

Best would be to seek out/start up Montana’s offline scene. There’s always an offline scene, so long as there are people. There must be one metropolitan area in Montana, and there ye shall find offliners.

While 10mbps isn’t amazing if you used wired it should run fine a good chunk of the time.There are some things you can do to improve play outside of upgrading. If however that doesn’t work than looking for fgc people in Montana and showing them KI wouldn’t be a bad idea.

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Man, it is difficult to find a scene here. Most tournaments are retired. I found 1 good one, Montana Mele VII, but it doesn’t have KI. Even the retired tournaments didn’t.

I want to find a weekly meet up or something, but that would be near impossible to find.

I’m going to try to get in contact with the MM7 group. Maybe one can be started.

Even then, it looks like SF5 is going to be the most likely path for me to play with others :frowning:

This sucks. I hope I find SOMEONE to play KI with.

Try finding the Montana FGC on Facebook or other social media, and ask about running a KI bracket yourself. You would just need your own XBO+monitor, 2 controllers and a account. EZPZGGZ

If you build it…

I would say even this connection is sufficient to play. What matters is ping.


^ this, check your ping, that might tell you better.

About the connection…I play in a country were the internet is not the best in the world and changes a lot from province to province. I’ve also played with people that had 1 megabyte download speed and the game was still playable (however I do take into consideration upload speed better).
Killer Instinct netcode is really good, just give it a shot.

However I do admit that I’m stubborn when playing online a fighting game and I resist to do it often because I practice everything (blockstrings, punishments , etc) offline. If I have the minimal change in my timing it does frustrate me a lot. Of course people can adapt to lag and deal with it, I’ve done it in some fights but in key matches my hate of lag is visceral and it’s the reason I spend a bad time playing online (I still haven’t given up on the horrible way Gears of War work and if people say it doesn’t is because it works great for them and would either eat shots or explode you at three bodies distance, but sometimes it’s so bad that I find hard not to rage and have a horrible time. And whenever works ok I think the other person might have the bad connection and I doubt about me being goodl). Sadly, online is the only way I can find people to play since there’s no one close for offline matches.

But anyway, that depends on each person, just give it a shot.

@VerminatorX @MaruMDQ so far the best ping I can get seems to be 550.

@MDMMORNING I will keep looking, and keep that idea in mind. Thanks.

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I laughed so hard I almost choked on my lunch.
Ultra LOL.

Sorry I feel your pain brother, 10 Mbs should be enough.

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Assuming you’re not trying to do background tasks at the same time, that Internet connection should be fine to play KI with.

“best ping 550”

Is that good?

Not for gaming

Is this over 4G?

If its for gaming you want a landline.

around 100 better. lower the better.
Good is like 10


It means 550 milliseconds.

So that means everything that I do is HALF A SECOND behind.

5- 25 is ultra good.
25- 50 is great for gaming
50- 100 is slight lag. Fine for casuals.
100-300 is too laggy to play meaningfully.
300 or higher is unplayable
500 is so bad you are Just teleporting everywhere.
1000 is enough to join a game, but nothing happens. At all. You stand still and so does everything else. It’s like being in another dimension where all you can do is stand and look around.


You only need 5 megs…

Pings what matters use a netduma router

Yeap, it’s high =\

Does anyone know how KI connection works between the players?

I think it’s not hosted by one player, right?
I usually think in KI lag goes bothways but sometimes it may not be like that. I’ve seen matches the other players were ok while I suffered lag and vice versa (specially when you see a teleporting Wulf or missing frames)

*Sorry couldn’t resist xD

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First and most importantly, good luck with what you have going on in life outside of KI. I hope things work out well for you and your grandparents. I know very little about Kalispell but even just glancing on the map it’s clear there is a ton of great fishing there. I’m a fly fisherman so I’m at least a little jealous of you in that respect. If you haven’t tried fly fishing now might be a good time.

Unfortunately, as others have pointed out it’s the ping that matters. Your download speed isn’t actually all that bad (or all that important). Although you didn’t post an upload speed - if your upload bandwidth is really terrible that might hurt you. But a 500 ping is going to be murder for KI.

I’m guessing you don’t have a lot in the way of options. Shadows will help, but a local scene would be better.

Good luck. My brother used to live in a place with terrible internet and I know how frustrating that can be. You may just need to accept it for the time being and think about other things you can do that don’t require low latency internet. It may be cold comfort, but there are a lot of great single player games around now.

My grandfather wants to teach me to fly fish. Should be fun. I’ve normal-fished here for many vacations before, but never fly fished.

I have found 2 events/groups up here. Not much, but all I need to do is make some friends and then maybe if I find people close by we can do weekly/monthly meetups or something. Until then, I will be fighting “Kyle” AI in FT10s to help learn optimal button presses and punishes.


Welcome to my world. You’ll find matches just fine, and there should be ways to lower your ping enough to play in decent conditions.

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