Does My Path End Here?

Talked to a player with 5 megabytes downloads speed and less. He said he could play just fine. Let us know what happens. Again, KI is the best fighter regarding online :smiley:

BTW, Best of lucks for you in this new journey of life =)

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Are you using a wired connection right now?

No, because it would require 2 ugly 50ft long cables running through a very nice house.

My grandfather has suggested a “router repeater”. I never heard of them, but they basically extend the range of Wi-Fi. You place it at the exact distance where the signal from the router starts to drop off, then it will pick up the signal and put it out again. You basically double the “optimal range” of your router. I would go from 1.4 mbps, to being able to use the entire 3mbps.

But again, I’ve never seen one of these things, I just described it the way my grandfather did.

buy and pay for better internets. time to adult my friend. For the KI

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Well, on the bright side you can look forward to fly fishing. It’s pretty cool once you get the hang of it. Just be sure to be careful that you don’t accidentally hook someone and you’ll be fine. :smile:

Good luck, brother. Hopefully your gaming situation improves, but otherwise best of luck in whatever you do.


An ethernet cable helps a lot. You have high ping which makes it very hard to play online. A wired connection is always more stable and reliable than a wireless connection. If you use a wire, watch as your ping goes down a lot. I can understand why you can’t use one though.


One thing you might try is a “powerline” adapter. It’s a device you plug into the electrical outlet and then connect it via Ethernet to the router. Then you plug a receiving device into another socket and you can plug an Ethernet cord into it.

This will give you varying results depending on the wiring in the house and other conditions. But it will be MUCH better than wifi and if you are only pulling 3Mbps anyway, the devices can handle 100Mbps + theoretically. It may well help reduce your ping.

I don’t want to be accused of pushing a brand but if you are having trouble finding what I’m talking about let me know and I will DM you some links.

Edit: repeaters like the one your grandfather is talking about are a good idea for boosting download speeds for stuff like Netflix etc. But they introduce latency. For this particular purpose the Powerline would be a better option if you can swing it.

That whole post went over my head :D. Elaborate in DMs please, and thank you.