Does anyone think Sadira will get an ultimate?

Just curious, looks like 15 ultimates are being released. Very stoked that the developers still work to not only improve the gameplay but also give the players these kinds of treats. AND new characters? Amazing.

I mainly play as Sadira, and was wondering if anyone else thinks Sadira will have one.

I would say that she’s getting an Ultimate. She may not be one of the first 15, but I’m pretty positive IG won’t leave out the rest of the cast. Think of it this way,
more than likely everyone will be getting an Ultimate eventually.


That definitely seems like the positive way of thinking about it, and I will be adopting that here as well.

someone here has mentioned that it’s a good possibility that the 15 characters chosen to receive ultimates now could more than likely be the 15 characters from the original games. We could be wrong though

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No…unfortunately none of the new characters will get one IMO

That would make sense, combining both KI1 and KI2 characters would be the 15. I’m gonna take MathAmphetameme’s approach and hope that eventually the rest of the cast will get them also.

Most if not all of us wish the same :slight_smile:

Tough to say. They’ve announced that 15 are coming, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the rest of the cast will be left out to dry with nothing, does it? Maybe they’ll get Ultimates later. Or maybe they’ll get a brand new finisher seeing as how they’re brand new characters? Who knows.

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I think its 13 and 2 new now that Adam chimed in and said they never confirmed its just the OG 15. Gargos and Eyedol never had one so they arent in the 15 IMO.

And the bit about Ken Lobb basically being the head honcho in charge makes me think its definitely has to be the entire OG 13 since he laid the hammer down on them being free as well.

Who knows??But its fun to speculate for now!

Maybe each wave will be 2 from S1, 2 from S2 and 1 from S3?

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considering we have 15 Ultimates comign so far, I think there’s a good chance anyone can get an Ultimate. Personally, I hope Riptor, Cinder and Fulgore are one of those 15.

What Sadira needs is a stage ultra where that spider comes in and snatches up the opponent. I think her Ultimate will include lots of webs…he he…bondage…hehe.

A stage ultra would be really cool too

As someone new I couldn’t care less who gets Ultimates. I just want to know if they’re going to be free? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yup, they are!


Why yes, but of course she will :wink: :slight_smile:

Here’s a theory.

What if the rest of the roster that don’t/won’t get an ultimate end up getting a humiliation?

Cue the music!

Here’s a crazy theory… TJ, Thunder, Maya, Jago and Tusk. What do they all have in common? They’re all good guys. What if good guys get ultimates and bad guys get something else, like a no mercy, perhaps? Even further out on the limb here, maybe ultimates are sort of like MKvsDC’s heroic brutalities, while the bad guys get the fatalities?

Of course, Shago having an ultimate more or less debunks this theory, but he’s kinda the outlier anyways, so maybe it’s still possible?

I also don’t think the good guys having implied kill moves would mean the bad guys would get worse. Just thought it would be a fun guess just in case :slight_smile:.

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This would be cool, good theory.

I forget, how do the characters break down?

I remember there are the Ultratech group (Sadira is part of this), then there’s the good guys…I can’t remember. In SL you can view the dossiers by the categories each character is associated with I just can’t remember what they are.

Sadira is getting an ultimate :smiley:

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In Ultimate Pack 2, yes :grin: