Does anyone know how to play vanilla (original) killer instinct season1?

I have been told by many people that if you buy the retail version of KI ( the one released after season 1 was finished ) , you can play season one without the changes of season 2-3 ( basically you get to play vanilla killer instinct ) . Does anyone know how exactly you can do this ?

You cant ever have the xbox online if you try to do this. So it comes to a price


you have to make sure you Xbox One is offline otherwise it will update to the current version.

Hop in a time machine, there is no way to play the vanilla season 1 game anymore. I’m not even sure if installing the disc would work.

So if I put my xbox in offline mide would it work , or do I completely disconnect my xbox from online ?

Offline mode should work fine, unless you want to do the other option just to be safe

And if I already have ki installed ( season 3 ) , will that affect anything ?

As long as your console’s not online, no.

Thanks man , looking forward to play some season1

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If you have S3, it won’t work because you’ll have all of the characters and updates that came with it. You can’t retroactively have a S3 that plays like a S1. It doesn’t work like that. It can’t work like that.

i hate seasson 3.
I love season 1 disc.
If you want to play REAL killer instinct, uninstall the game
and install the retail disc.
And dont update the game.
thats all

If you want to play REAL Killer Instinct, go to an arcade, cause this is KI3.


Sorry. Inapropiate comment here.

So if I was to put in the disc it would load season 3 . If I was to move the disc data or try a different profile would that work ?

Ah S1 Wulf. X3

You basically need an Xbox that doesnt have KI currently installed…basically start from scratch. You would have to delete all your current KI save info.

From what I understand thats what you need to do. I think there is a youtube video explaining how to do it…have you tried searching fro instructions?

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Nailed it. Any progress will be gone if one has it saved.

If you don’t care for any S3 OP go for it. If you do be warned.

but what if you have your KI saves on a external hardrive , take that out and install the disc ? Some people here are saying you just need to be offline and play it idk. If you could find that video that would be great

I haven’t tried it offline with S3 installed but I heard some folks say it doesn’t work. Try it and see.

ill give it a shot , dont really think it will work