Does Anyone Have Slow Down When They Play KI Online?

I have been having this issue every now and then. When I play online sometimes my game will start to slow down and chug. It’s not like lag or anything it just starts to slow down. I have had this problem since season 2 began. It only happens when I play online. I switch to offline and it’s gone. Usually a hard reset will solve the slow down online. I don’t think it’s my Xbox because I have 2 Xbox’s and it has happened on both. Anyone else experience this? Is there a way to permanently get rid of this?

I have tested it with a friend and he starts to experience the slow down with me. It’s weird.

Do you have a process to get this issue? I’d like to check it out too, see if it happens to me. Maybe its just your network, maybe its your Xbox, maybe its the game, we’ll find out with a bigger sample size.

No it just happens over time. I’ll try to record it next time I play and I get the issue. Usually happens after 20-30min of play time I get the slow down in matches. It comes and it goes but you can imagine how that messes up combos and flow of the game. I am not sure how it can be a network issue. It’s not like it’s just on my end. The whole match slows down. I’m used to getting lag where you get roll back and start glitching around the screen but this is the only game where the game slows down.

I play on a with a hardwired connection. My download speed is normally 22mbps and I get about 1.5mbps up.

Interesting. See if you can isolate a reason for it the next time it happens, a video would be nice to see exactly what happens. I haven’t experienced slow down in the game itself, just the usual lag/delay in options and online matches so a little visual reference would be welcome.

I used to get it on my Day One Console after the Season 2 update. But now I play on the white Sunset Overdrive Xbox and just started getting it today. Forgot about it since it hadn’t happen in some time but it is annoying and thought maybe it was more wide spread. Thanks for your input @DoobyDude23

FWIW, I got the same bundle around December 2014. No issues for me, so it may not be the Xbox unless you happened to get a faulty model.
Happy to help, mate. I hope you find a solution quick. :slight_smile:

Only 1.5mbps up? o.O

You might try doing a hard reset of your console and modem/router after experiencing it.

To hard reset your Xbone, hold your finger down on the power button for about 5-10sec.

To hard reset your modem and router just unplug both for 30sec then plug them back in.

I have to do this every Tuesday, otherwise I’ll have lag in my games.

Edit: also can you confirm if this happens in games other than KI?

Yes a hard reset fixes it. But I just find it strange that it even happens at all. And yes my upload speed is rather horrid but it’s the best I can get in my area. My brother lives in an area where he gets 200 down and 100 up :frowning:

I get 50 down and 10 up. I could register as a business and get 150 down and 50 up for the same price.

Do you just have to hard reset your console or do you have to do it to your modem/router as well?

Just my Xbox. I rarely have to restart my router. But just hard resetting the Xbox fixes the issue.

You may have to get your system cleaned. There may be built up dust in the vents causing the internals to overheat. I used to have a similar problem with the 360.

But does something affecting my system cause people on the other end to have a slow down match as well? When I do exhibition matches with my friend he experiences the same thing.

There’s a chance it might, since matchmaking is peer to peer in these sort of games. If the host player’s game starts chugging, it may lead to consequences for both players.
I’m not sure, though. I’m not an expert by any means, but it seems plausible enough.

If your system is not generating the content it needs to, it will cause lag (essentially) which would (in theory) not communicate well with another system.

I say in theory because I can’t run a diagnostic on your system.

Hhmmmm but I don’t have issue’s with any other games. KI is the only one where it slows down. I don’t even hear the fans going into overdrive. I’m gonna buy an aircan and try to dust the console out just in case.

I can’t think of any real explanation on the Xbox hardware end that makes sense for this. I have seen occasional slow down on certain stages when certain things happen, but nothing like what you describe.

It seems more likely that it’s your internet - although I don’t know why resetting the xbox fixes it. If you are playing online and you see slowdown, try going offline and seeing if you see slowdown there. That will tell you if you are having an xbox problem or an internet problem.

1.5 Mbps upload is probably just fine to play the game, but if you are seeing a lot of variation or if you have a lot of packet loss then that might be causing the issue. My brother used to live in NW Arizona, and when it got really hot (basically everyday between May and October) the speeds would deteriorate because the cables all overheated. Stuff happens out there.

Hmm I get this myself and figured it was just my internet.

If it’s an internet issue then I will check out what is causing it. This issue has happened to me on two different Xboxes on two different networks actually. I just figured it might have been more common especially if it’s an internet issue. I’m definitely glad its pointing out to not be my xbox. I’m gonna run some speed and packet test.

Living in the Phoenix area myself, I never have this issue.