Does Anyone Have Slow Down When They Play KI Online?

Ran some test when I started getting the slow down effect again. Before I did I made sure to hard reset my Xbox and router. I was playing for about an hour or two before I started getting the issue. It turned out that for some reason my download speeds and ping started to take a hit. Wasn’t sure why. I normally ping at about 45ms and download at 22mbps but I was pinging at close to 200ms and download went down to 4mbps. Nobody was home so I wasn’t sure what was bringing it down. Then I looked at my bandwidth usage and I saw some IP’s I didn’t recognize logged into my wifi. I’m guessing maybe one of my neighbors was using my wifi with out my knowledge. What ever it was I upped the security on my wifi and so far haven’t gotten the issue. Here’s hoping that is what was dropping my DL speeds. Worse case scenario there is a problem with my internet and might have to call my ISP to check it out.


Keep the WiFi password strong, and thou shalt be rewarded. ~Thomas Jefferson

Well sai-… Waidaminnit!