Does anybody else go through Xbox One controllers like crazy?

I’m not a professional competitive gamer. I just play fighting games and FPS as much as any other well adjusted adult with a job.

But Ever since owning my Xbox One in 2014, I’ve personally went though like 4 controllers. They don’t completely break on me. Its just that the inputs for the d-pad or face buttons wear out and aren’t reliable. Is this because I primarily play KI on a pad? Is it me? Is it the pad itself?

If I buy a stick, would I still encounter these problems?


nice things about sticks is that you can repair them yourself pretty easily with replacement parts. I just invested in my first stick for this game, so I can’t tell you from experience how often repairs have to happen. But, like you, I’ve busted so many controllers during my adult years, i don’t know what changed from the ps2 and before years where controllers never broke.

I’ve never had a pad break on me, but I also don’t press as hard as many other people…
When the game first came out, there was a ■■■■ ton of people saying exactly what you’re saying.

And no, if you buy a stick it will last… of course if you’re REALLY rough with it it can/will break, but in general fightsticks are made to take a beating.

And as @Hotsumari says… IF you get it ruined, you can just buy new parts for it, most of the new ones doesn’t even need any more tools, than what comes with them to tear apart and reassemble

Yea I used to have that same problem. Got the new elite controller for Christmas and found it is no longer an issue because the sticks are made from titanium I think. It was worth the upgrade because mine would just be worn down after a few months and I’d have to pick up new ones. Either that or you could pick up a fight stick.

Yeah…but the analogues themselves are still cheap ■■■ rubber that eventually goes that worn our state that the Xbox One normal pads have and saem with the PS4 pads issues…overall the elite controller is killer but still not perfect!

They’re garbage. 360 controllers were great but Xbone controllers suck. The thumb grips wear out in like a month, the buttons have no weight to them, d-pad is garbage, etc… They want you to buy a bunch of them, they made them trash on purpose, didn’t make enough money on 360 pads the last 10 years.

All the more reason to invest in a fightstick

Had mine. Year nothings broke have had zero issues

I almos had To buy a third_
If it werent for the nice guy at GameStop.

Next purchase to be clear top fight stick To display my artwoRk.

Don’t worry about that just buy a good stick

Madcatz te2 or razer atrox or hori hayabusa for price hori is hard to beat can still dobart work just more of a sticker

Have a day-one controller that still works fine, used it un-till the elite came out.


I have the same problem. I’m on my third controller now. Although the D-pad is very good for fighting games (unlike the 360’s) it doesn’t seem to be extremely durable. I don’t know if the Elite controller solves that issue because I certainly don’t wanna spend three times the price of a normal controller if it won’t work at least three times longer.

I rather buy a hori vrap then a elitr controller

Thing about fight sticks they can be modded for future consoles parts arw easy qns cheap to replace

Plus your controls and feel always stay the same

I was just thinking about this. I play on the regular XB1 pad (analog) and sometime I worry its going to get destroyed, I press the sh** out of the buttons and I grind the hell out of the analog stick, after every session there is like a form of dust under it I have to wipe away where I assume its getting grinded (is that a word?) away by how hard I move it around when playing lol

Luckily I bought a backup I have waiting in the box for when that day comes :slight_smile:

I wonder if you would have similar issues if you just bit the bullet, spent too much money and got an Elite controller? Supposedly they are supposed to be more robust and accepting of “abuse.” I say “abuse” because I’m not saying anyone really abuses their controller - just some are more… forceful than others with their input. That actually makes it sound kinda dirty…

I’ve gone through several Xbox One controllers. Something that I rarely did on Xbox 360 ones. Thankfully I purchased insurance via Best Buy so that if a controller goes out, I get a free replacement. I pay about 12 dollars and renew the insurance.

The Elite Xbox One controller is VASTLY better though. In terms of durability alone, it feels a WHOLE lot sturdier. Yeah it is expensive, but the precision is amazing. I haven’t had near the problems that I did with missed inputs caused by bad controllers. I also took out insurance on that one as well.

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For some reason I have had the RB & RT to stop working in KI. But if i play another game the buttons work; I don’t understand that at all. Think I’m gonna get a fight stick sometime in the future.

I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE WITH THIS PROBLEM! ■■■■■■■ ridiculous man… I had a talk with the ppl at a microsoft store by me where I bought my 2nd controller, and they replaced it. Technically the controllers have a 1 yr warranty on them, but you have to go and enforce it (and make sure you keep your receipt)

Yea I pretty much did the same thing no issues with it love the customization of it and the durability. I’ve never really ever used a stick and have always been used to a game pad so this was the better option for me personally.

I play with a keyboard, have tried controllers but they kind of wear off. Mechanical Keyboard had lasted the longest

I’ve always wondered how a keyboard would work. Didn’t know if it would give an advantage or be more difficult to learn.