Do you use a Fight Stick, Fight Pad, or controller?

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After watching CEO 2016 I’m curious to see what everyone uses, from what i saw many players used regular controllers, which is pretty unheard of in a lot of other fighting games.


I use the elite controller with some custom modifications I made.


Controller, what do I look like the King of France? I can’t afford a special controller for one game. :\

Elite controller. Both me & my son have KI TE2 sticks and I have a Hori PS4 fightpad, but I tend to gravitate back to a regular controller…er…regular elite controller. I use the concave disk dpad, take the analog sticks off, and put the triggers on half stop.

I play with the Fighting Commander on PC.

Used to play fighting games with a stuck but I can’t break my directional handicap.

I can do qcf from the right going left easy.

I can not do qcf going right.

Controller, I didn’t really use arcades growing up and am fully used to the layout of the average (GC, Dualshock, 360, those kind) controllers.

Controller with the joystick. I like the feel of a controller but want the sound of a stick, so I just use the joystick.

Controller. Used fightpad on 360, but the absent of compatible ones on xbox one launch made me adapt. Fightpads dont include mic compatibility tho

Stick. I was sick of breaking controllers and decided a stick would be cheaper in the long run.

Breaking them how?

I’ve been using the same controller since I bought both my Xbox One day one edition and KI the same night, like three years ago.

I had been using a controller I got in August 2014. The right bumper just went out on me. Luckily, I bought a backup.

Fight stick now, but grew up playing on pad. Played KI on pad as well for the first year or so.

For some reason the D-pads won’t register inputs anymore. This happened on 3 controllers.

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I’ve had that happen on several controllers as well. It’s usually because inside the Dpad is just sitting on metal bubbles, and the little tabs that press those down wear down after excessive use…usually the diagonals go first. A security bit screwdriver and about $5-10 for some Dpads on ebay and they work again just fine. Personally I find it a much better solution than going out & buying a new controller every 4-6 months.

Just as a disclaimer, I’m not telling you what to do…do whatever solution to your issues you like…I’m just saying this is what’s worked for me.

Same here!

Fightstick i cannot use controllers its not the inputs its the normals using my thumb to control 4 buttons and middle and pointy finger for hards

After awhile my hands felt pain thumb burned waaaaaay to much. Never felt comfortable on pad mechanically either alot stuff dropped

Couldnt find a decent fight pad with out a converter which at the time was 100 dollar investment

Started researching fightsticks for about 2 months. Decied itd be cool if i hate i can alteast get 125 back off it easy

Got it after watching gooteks videos practing every special and just one special for 5 hours a day for a week. After that week i was doing everything i was doing in a year on bad maybe it was my understanding if the gme but even with street fighter v i cant do anything on pad but soon as i get my stick im doing good.

Modded my xbox atrox for ps4 with a hori fightpad that i got for 29 bucks

I practiced every day for 4 months. I still suck so much on a stick. D-pad seems to be my way. ¯\ _(ツ) _/¯

Now I just have a Razor Atrox for Xbone that sits on my shelf, looking mediocre.

What made me start to like it was a 2lb spring and a 1.0 acutator and sometimes switching to octogate changes it for people too all 3 cost less then 20 bucks so its worth a go sometimes even a bat top changes ot

Sometimes you just got to grind it out in 4 months you should be able to do some stuff.

Hey I also have an elite controller but haven’t been able to think of a way to take advantage from it hahaha what kind of set up do you use??

I use two paddles. One one each. This is for easy use of the Triple Punch and Ultras. It also helps with characters that require it.