Do you think we've spoilt as a community?

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That wasn’t Bender…that was an omnipotent entity (Space God?) that was saying it to him.

The problem KI had in 94 when all fighting games were taking off was, they were licensed by Nintendo, and the others were not. Nintendo has never been a big fan of violent games, and wanted to focus more on Mario and children’s games. Capcom seen the money from SF2 and was not about to stop making them. MK became famous because of its extreme violence, and was the reason the whole video game rating system started.
That gave midway A LOT of money, so why stop making a game that gets that much hype.

I just think KI got screwed over by Nintendo, and was never given the chance to grow like the others.

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This is unacceptable.


Of course we’re spoiled.
The devs have openly asked the community what they want and listen to them, and we as a community are suddenly part of making a game and form it to how we want it to be.

But we’re not qualified for that! We don’t have any game design degrees (well, most people here don’t), we don’t know what makes a game sell well, we don’t know ALOT of the things that are needed to know to make a game!

All we can do is make suggestions of what we WANT to see. But that doesn’t mean that’s always the best. And it’s up to the devs to take from our feedback what they can use, and weed out the rest which ends in the trash.

And when we don’t get what we want, or the devs do something we didn’t ask for, then what happens? We rant about it on the forum, make multiple threads about it, complaining and whining that this is not what we want!

So yes, we are spoiled! But gaming communities have ALWAYS been like this. And when something isn’t the way we want it, we have the right to tell the devs about it.

Problem is… many people don’t know how to mediate their emotions in a constructive way online. And as seen in the open letter SonicDolphin just posted, alot of people also don’t know when is the right place and time to talk about these things.

Online behaviour and manners… Many people don’t know how to behave. So when given the “power” to be part of the decision-making of how a game should be, they don’t know how to use this “power”. And then sh#t happens.


For those that dont want to click on the link…here is the letter. I guarantee you these kids dont pay any attention to this and continue to keep being childish in the chats, Facebook and in online matches.

Open Letter To The Killer Instinct Community

This past Sunday’s KI Pro League stream chat was an absolute disgrace. In the two and a half years that we have been running these events, we have never seen such toxicity from this community. Not only was it extremely disrespectful to the developers who puts so much blood and sweat into the game we love, it was also very disrespectful to us who put in so much of our own personal time and effort to bring you these events.

It is great that the developers try to be as close to the community as they can. They listen to what the community has to say and do what they can to address our concerns and suggestions. They work their hardest to keep Killer Instinct interesting and balanced even though it is still in the process of being developed. Players have the right to voice their opinions about the the development of the game but it must be done in a constructive manner and in a proper place. It is not to be done in the stream chat of an event. Viewers in the chat, whether it is players or devs, are there to watch and enjoy the event. Any issues or concerns you have with the game belong in the forums.

**We started these events because we love Killer Instinct and enjoyed being apart of such a great community. Our goal is to provide a positive and competitive environment that players could practice, learn, and grow together in that was easily accessible. Last year, we partnered with Brandon Alexander of Ultra Arcade/creator of the KI World Cup and others so our events could be sanctioned to provide players with the opportunity to acquire qualifying points for the KIWC and prizes. This year we came together again with Brandon to bring you the KI Pro League along side the 8Bit BeatDown to offer even more qualifying points and plans for more prizes in the near future. But with the recent actions of the community, it has made us rethink if we are willing to put in the work at our own expense to continue these events for a community that doesn’t seem to be able better themselves. **

We are quite disappointed with the community that we called family. We expected better and we will not tolerate this kind of behavior at any future events from anyone. We want to see the community come back together. We want to see the community be the strongest family in the FGC.


Evan “8BH Zombie” Gengo
Benjamin “OneSixStudios” Beleren

Founders of the 8Bit BeatDown


That is a damn shame. I have not read through and read the entire chat but for it to be bad enough for Keits to quit twitter/take a community break, and for the above letter to be written at all says a lot about w.e occurred. Idk who was at fault and I won’t ask anyone to say names in here but whoever you are (And you know who you are) you should be ashamed of yourself. Just because you always place top 8, have won many tournaments or w.e does NOT give you the right to treat ANYONE badly, put anyone down, make demands to change things to what YOU think is right etc. Just because you spent your hard earned money on the game does NOT give you the right to treat ANYONE badly, put anyone down, make demands to change things to what YOU think is right etc. Just because you have been a KI fan since 1994 does not give you the right to do any of those things either. Nothing does. If you have thoughts/concerns express them in a mature, and civilized manner like adults should.

Hopefully everyone at Iron Galaxy, Microsoft and everyone else involved with this game that take time out of their lives to talk to us and/or hold these events for us know that no matter how much toxic bs is spouted during chats or on social media, that there actually are people within this community who truly do appreciate everything they do with this game and for us as a community.


To be completely honest I didn’t watch the stream and I don’t care to go back and read the chat judging by what I’ve read so far, but frankly the “community” being shamed for what was probably a few asshats talking crap kind of annoys me. The vast majority of the “community” isn’t a festering cesspool and we don’t give any damns about some jerky kids, I just think its blowing things out of the water to say the entire community is to blame for something. Bad apples suck but the "community isn’t a spoiled mess because of it.

I mean, unless the vast majority of players who don’t pay any mind to the inner politics of game design and pro player drama aren’t part of the KI community that is. Some rude kids said some rude things, lets all move forward and put it behind us and stop pretending that the entirety of the community is one voice that’s been naughty and needs a timeout.


The problem is the people who were causing a stir are faces of the Community. So while it may not be fair to the community at large, it still is a problem that those people (who are very recognizable as people who play KI actively) were acting in a bad manner.

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Alright well lets start calling out these butt-faces of the community instead of making everyone who plays this game look bad to the outside world. This is why I don’t follow people on Twitter or watch “popular” streamers outside of tournaments, I don’t care if some guy thinks a character is OP or if someone else thinks that the game needs whatever else. They don’t speak for me, they don’t speak for the community, they’re just players like the rest of us and their opinions hold no more weight than the average user in my opinion.

If they want to be pricks, that’s their deal not mine.


Thing is it wasn’t some random kids… its was Rico and Sleep. Plus all there little cronies agreeing and aging it on with them. But the 2 main culprits are Rico and Sleep. Mainly Rico.

But your right… they dont represent all of us but they give the game and the competitive scene a bad name right now.
Keits seems pretty tough so for him to take off like that it had to have been building up from all the different outlets that are bugging him daily about nerfs and making rude remarks about him. Ive seen some real hateful stuff in that chat and on Facebook. Im sure twitter is just as bad.
Those ppl wont come on here and say anything because of how strict it is here but on FB and the chat they can say whatever with no consequences. Cowards.


In a perfect world everyone would be considered equals.

But that’s not the world we live in.

We live in a world where the inexperienced ask advice from the most skilled and passionate players they can find. Players of whom some have posted the quotes above.


[quote=“FallofSeraphs76, post:143, topic:6323, full:true”]
Thing is it wasn’t some random kids… its was Rico and Sleep. Plus all there little cronies agreeing and aging it on with them. But the 2 main culprits are Rico and Sleep. Mainly Rico.[/quote]Their opinions mean literally nothing to me.

I’ve admired their skill in the past but if that’s the type of people they want to be, they don’t deserve the admiration. If those guys want to cause a stir, then they’re asses and that’s that, its not the community who needs to grow up. The KI community is the same group of talented impassioned people its always been, don’t let a few bad apples sour the bunch, no matter how overgrown they might be. [quote=“SonicDolphin117, post:144, topic:6323”]We live in a world where the inexperienced ask advice from the most skilled and passionate players they can find. Players of whom some have posted the quotes above.
[/quote]Well then the sheep should probably better choose who they idolize, a few jerks with a sour opinion do not a community make.


No offense, but I think you’re missing the point here. This isn’t about how you yourself view the people in this community.

It’s about the many inexperienced players that don’t know how to form their own opinions and be confident in them. For example, let’s just say they were told by a tournament champion that counter breakers are broken and don’t work. What do you think their reaction is going to be when they get into a match and miss their counter breaker by a few frames? Do you think they’re going to say “Well dang, I better figure out what I did wrong”?

I f***ing wish.


Regardless of how the masses absorb information from their false gods, it doesn’t really mean that the KI community is a festering wasteland of scrubs and douchebags if said players start acting like children. There will always been uninformed masses looking for a teat to latch onto when it comes to video gaming, I can’t argue that I just don’t care for it myself and I don’t like being lumped in with a bunch of rotten eggs just for liking the same franchise.

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I completely understand your point that the problem is stemming from a loud minority.

But unfortunately, their voice is just as loud as the positive side because they want to make themselves heard. The positive majority of the community needs to make a statement and make themselves a voice as well.

And speaking of making a statement…

Where the **** is the discussion video? XD

I always watch with chat on because I want to learn from the discussions ppl are having. I’m used to having to filter out the bs, but this was pretty bad.
And the funny thing is that I agree with the criticism but not the way of criticizing…

I stopped watching around the Aria mirror match (seadragon vs zero?), the chat was sort of heating up already at that point. Never bothered to watch until the end and I guess I’m glad I didn’t.

Yeah, then PaulB showed up and started pushing people’s buttons. He was promptly told to leave.


I missed that part. I like the double standards between the pros and casuals. Casual player complains about a nerf to their main, and the pro calls them a scrub and says deal with it. Pro players main gets nerfed and it becomes a national crysis. The pro either starts bitching that S3 sucks, or that they are going to quit. Casual player spams a move and they are called a scrub or crap player. Pro spams a move and it is called skill. Casual player wants a buff and then they accused of wanting to make their main OP. Pro wants a buff and they feel IG should just do it because “the pro” thinks they know what is best for the game.

The pros need to understand that KI is for the casual player to enjoy also, not just them.


I think there should be more mods on these things. Look at Maxs KI world Cup stream, it had his mods constantly wipe the chat when it went downwards fast. Thing about big stream events like Combo Breaker is that you constantly get people from other games talking smack, there really isn’t anything we can do there. CEO will probably host similar behavior because of this. 8Bit should consider better mods and putting the chat in slow or subscriber mode when things get disrespectful.