Do you think Ultimates should make a comeback to Killer Insitnct : Poll

YES to Ultimates! But i dont want anything cinematic,just make like the old ones, old school style :slight_smile:

Cinematic ultimate is badass


Pretty sure these were all hypothetical situations. While it might turn out there isn’t a bonus character in season 3, I wouldn’t take this as any sort of confirmation.

Yeah, in no way am I trying to kill enthusiasm for ultimates to be in the game. I apologize if that was what some people read into my comment.

When looking at adding content, we always try to think about what a feature / character / mode / whatever brings to the game, who it brings with it, and for how long are those people engaged with that thing. Hard choices!


The the poll does come across a tad lop sided. While I too would enjoy ultimate’s I would prefer if they made the ultras and stage ultras more dramatic. With camera angles and changes, as in some of the character trailers we get. I think then a lot more people would be more happy. I love what we’ve got but there’s a lot of Polish that could be applied to it.
Also 8 characters Inc. Rash and at least one other guest. It’s gonna be a small season 3 story mode it seems unless the other characters get upgraded. Cough season 1 cough

@TempusChaoti totally. We all know at heart that the main choices are game play and a new and exciting character base.

Thats what pushes our game forward.

Yes we are relentless lol. Yes we ask way too much and yes we have the most un productive requests but we just want MORE lol

We are the flood and the forums are the grave mind. You crated this lol.

Why dont we sell the ultimates separate adam start with 6 and add packs. They are cosmetic not too simular from costume packs.

I loved shadow jagos it works it was enough. A street fighter angle super is what it is mostly. Yes for allllll characters thst would be crippling to development but as packs sold separate that might be doable.


I feel that Ultimates are A MUST. Not only because of Shadow Jago’s, but because they were a part of the first 2 KI games, and it would add even more variety and style to the amazing combo system / ultra / ultra ender system.
But having them would mean they would be 1 of 2 things…

  1. Custom special move/finish move that keeps the same rules as an ultra (any stage)
  2. Cinematic, over the top RIVAL/NON-RIVAL finish that can only be done on a character’s own stage (like Shadow Jago’s)
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Heres what i think, if MS is serious about this game lasting the whole generation and continues to evolve over time then i expect ultimates to be added in however if thats not the case i wouldnt mind them leaving it for a sequel

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After seeing what we got I would of chose option 2

I would have to agree with geek about the wording being too strong. Although I can understand it is merely the aim of the poll maker to instill a sense of urgency and vitality in the request as to make the request be taken seriouslym. Personally I want everyone to have an ultimate, the fact that shago is the only one who has one is as the military would say “unsat”

If you don’t care, then don’t vote, or just don’t visit the thread.

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You…do realize this thread just got revived after a year…right?

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No I did not. There are a great many things in this forum, and I read as it sparks my interest. Kind of like what any normal person would do. I just haven’t finished reading the whole thread and I respond as I go instead of hunting for a comment I wanted to respond to.

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my bad …

Hmm, I think I would have to say no. As cheesy and as fun as they were originally, I don’t think that same cheesy 90s vibe would come through any more, judging by Shago’s ultimate being more akin to a Street Fighter super.

I think it’s difficult to add this without making it seem like a borrowed idea -

Too gory and it’s gonna be compared to Mortal Kombat. (Unlikely this will happen anyway because of the teen rating.)

Too flashy with the camera angles and it’s gonna be compared to Street Fighter.

Ultimates just seemed to fit back then, along with the weird graphics style and animation morphing added onto them and the fact you could also perform a No Mercy or make your opponent dance to finish them off.

If we take a step back though and consider how that worked back then:-

Orchid performed a 30-ish hit ultra, at the end of it she pops open her top, flashes her opponent and they seemingly die of a heart attack.

Ok…how exactly would something like that work now? Before anyone answers that nothing needs to be different about it, seriously, think about how weird that would look minus the 90s cheese filter.

Who the hell cares about ultimates, we want more shadow rehashes


Put a pic of Hisako there - it would be more appropriate, I think.

OBVIOUSLY I want Ultimates to come back!

We already have all three seasons done and plenty of characters to choose from. Now it’s time for this long lost feature to make a come-back!

They made one of the three results in the polls as the most wanted feature. And I hope IG and MS respect that feedback and find some way to give it to us.

On that note I’ve waited three years, painteintly for them to come back. When they come back this KI will be PERFECT in my eyes.

I guess some folks can, understandably not want Ultimates but what’s great is they are optional and it’s not to avoid getting Ultimated’ though just knock your foes health to red. Also Ultimates can serve as a reward for you keeping your green bar to.

Also anyone who finds ultimates dull, just don’t end your combos when you’re oppnent has reached their last life bar. Personally I want more fun and what can be more fun then fully soliidfying the victory over my opponent with an Ultimate? something that isn’t a bunch of punches and kicks streamed together?

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It’s not just people don’t want to see it. But what are the deve giving up to put ultimates in the game.

I don’t want ultimate if it means they sacrifice alternate costumes and more accessories for the whole cast.

Or have season 4 give no new characters or stages but ultimates