Do you think Ultimates should make a comeback to Killer Insitnct : Poll

hi every one. I would like to point this poll for ulitmates and find out how many of you really wants the Ultimate to do a comeback and who think they are not need at all or maybe something news. (if you choose option 3 lets hit with ideas)

  • Yes i want Ultimates by any cost
  • No Ultimates are boring
  • I want something New instead of Ultimates

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First, I’d like to say that I don’t like the wording on your poll. At any cost? Really? I want ultimates, sure, but NOT at any cost - so what am I supposed to vote?

I think Shago’s ultimate looks really cool and I would like to see more of that for each character, but the devs have said that doing something like that would be a lot of work. They would have to re-work a lot of the stages to make the camera angles work and even if they did, it would, in all likelihood only be limited to each character on their own stage (meaning you couldn’t, for example, do Sabrewulf’s ultimate on Thunder’s stage - it would have to be, and could only be, Thunder). Granted, if that’s the only way we could get ultimates, I would be perfectly fine with that.

So yeah. Please reword your poll and/or add a few more options. 'Kay, thanks, bye! :wink:


Yes. As long as they are of the same quality of Boss Shadow Jago’s ultimate and not the quality of Aria’s stage ultra.

So “at any cost”… OK let’s run some examples…

  • A season of two characters, but add ultimates for all 20 characters?
  • 8 new characters in S3, no story mode or single player modes at all, and ultimates for 26 characters?
  • No new costumes or accessories, no new stages, but 8 S3 characters and ultimates for all 26?
  • A season of no new characters, but ultimates for the 18 that exist right now?

While I’m using this as an exaggerated example, @GalacticGeek is right in that you have to be careful how you word a poll, as the interpretation of the question can be vague and capture people that may not want exactly what you do.

Also, everything is a trade. You should really think deeper on what you’d be willing to give up (maybe that’s the poll you should do) in order to get ultimates, not just ask if people want them or not – then you’re simply asking them “cake, or death?


Where’s the “I don’t care” option?

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We have Ultra combos. To me, Ultimates simply look like shorter Ultra combos with a different set of camera angles and a few new animations. I think they’re superfluous and unnecessary, as I believe people will treat them just like Ultras, and get tired of them after having seen them several times. Plus, as it’s been said, it’s a difficult process to make the Ultimates usable on multiple stages…

I’d rather see all the development resources put into new stages, characters, accessories and game modes than Ultimates.


I’m just glad to have Shadow Jago’s Ultimate. Even if we never get Ultimates, I can say I’m happy with what we got. Plus. Shadow Jago deserves the Ultimate anyways. IMO

Exactly. I’d focus on everything else like Stages, Characters, accessories, animations and such, OTHER than Ultimates. It will help the game in the long run.

Yeah I’m with you there, though if they were brought back I think they should be limited to Supreme Victories and maybe above a certain number of hits? Y’know… earn it.

At the cost of an Ultra edition, would that suffice as a trade off for Ultimates as well as the usual?

Granted, there aren’t any more KI classics to sell us, so instead of Classics, we’d get Ultimates for all 26 characters.

Does that seem fair?

I don’t play Street Fighter, but I enjoy watching Max’s gameplay of SF4 and 5. The (Super?) animations appear to me to be the equivalent of Ultimates, assuming you’re using them at the end of a match (or round in Sf’s case.) When watching him play, it seems like he’s seen the animation enough times to make it bland and uninteresting, and it’s essentially ignored.

I think that all the fuss and obsession with Ultimates would be ironic, and people would rarely use them, even without limitations as to when you could. A lot of people use Ultra Enders instead of full Ultras online, how would an Ultimate be any different after seeing it 30+ times?

I’d much rather have the time and budget spent on aspects of the game that I can interact with, rather than a cinematic that triggers on input in a danger state. Ultras are enough for me.

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I’ll be disappointed if we don’t get them, honestly having a tease for ultimates in season 1 and then not getting them until season 4 would just be awful.

To be honest I don’t really care much for ultimates. While they’re cool looking and all, they’re just another finisher acting the same way as ultra combos, bringing really nothing new to the gameplay. If ultimates do return, I hope the devs will find a way to have it add more to the gameplay than a substitute ultra.

Ultimates in Killer Instinct: OH YES! OH YEAH! HELL YES! HELL YEAH! Especially in Killer Instinct Season 3 during its development process :sunglasses:

So, there’s no bonus character?

Or could @TempusChaoti be actually saying 8 ALL-NEW KI characters in total along with the old AND returning KI characters including Gargos from the classic KI games? :wink:

Ultimates aren’t necessary.
And after seeing it 10,000 times it would just get boring. Much like the fatalities and X ray moves in mk.

I’d rather have an amazing story mode and 2vs2 matches.


If they weren’t going to include Ultimates and etc and do the game right from the get-go, Then they shouldn’t have brought it back at all until they could. It’s always one thing or another.


If I’d known that KI was going to get treated like this, Then I’d never have got KI let alone an Xbone.

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@TempusChaoti sure your right of course at all cost is a bit silly but im sure everyone understands @quancro enough to see its just passion and a love for ultimates.

Maybe you guys should tell us what it would cost on the not so exaggerated side so we could be more informed.

Obviously we arnt developers here. We dont know budgets we dont know how big the team is. We dont know what sacrifices have to be made to make these happen.

Im sure this poll is just to demostrate that we would really like some fantastic ultimate combos. If its not on the agenda for other reasons let us know.

Or maybe you should allow us to kick starter them or fund them in the same way as shadow jago and the tournement fund?

Ps4 users are paying for Shemue and sony hasnt got a problem with that so i dont see why us fans couldnt help a little more if that was the case?

Maybe then we could see stretch goals to see if us fans REALLY wanted them!