Do you think this game is Pay 2 Win now?

Sounds like you own Season 3 and are defending your purchase. It’s okay, if you want to think you’re more skilled than others, that’s fine, it’s not true but it’s fine. lmmfao

I wish I could kill in 3 hits.

Keits said 22% max. Why u lyin keits.

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This thread is surprisingly entertaining


I’ve been inspired to pick up an obviously more balanced character as a result of this.



I wasn’t being literally. 3 knockdown hits and 3 unblockable follows and if you’re not dead you’ll be very close to it. smh

From a fulgore main believe me when I say this: he’s really tough to do well with, but once you get it, you REALLY get it


Tusk is so easy to poke though…


Sounds like you are using that as an excuse for losing. Grow a pair and learn the match up dude, go into the lab, play the game, learn, get better. Whining limits you and makes you a worse player for it.


Anyways, I just want to see what people think. The morning/day crowd hopefully will be more interesting and have actual opinions instead of I’m butthurt insults. smh The entire Season 3 roster is overpowered not just Tusk, he was just the last one released and the most broken one.

lol, this guy.

Biased poll, can’t choose something like “I own s3 and its not a p2win”. For the record, I do belive s3 its fairly balanced. I’m an Aganos user.

Please, study the characters that you cant defeat and adapt your gameplan. It will make you better player and you will feel much better when you can identify your mistakes to correct them.

Tusk punishes careless players most than anybody, but if you are patient, he really lacks tools to open you


I love the exclamation point at the end of this. It’s something somebody would write when they are trying to do parody.

I give this use of exclamation point a Tusk/10 rating.

Anyway, honest question here: who are the 3 “fairest” characters in the game, in your opinion? You want discussion, let’s have it.


…stop feeding this guy,seriously.

Last released? The season just started. We’re getting another character this Wednesday.

Yes, the last character that was released. I can’t speak on Mira because she’s not out yet.

Yes S3 is so broken.

Just look at Texas Showdown all played those broken S3 characters. Not a single S1/2 character in top 8.

No one likes to play underpowered characters it seems.
S3 characters are the way to go if you want to stand a chance.

S3 needs some serious rework.

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I sense another forum vacation in your future kid

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Reported, I refuse to be harassed for no reason. I am following the rules of the forum, you are not, sir.

Scientifical Computational Theories


that is some serious hyperbole. none of that is objectively true.