Do you lose Kilgore after you end SL?

Because that’s what happened to me :frowning:

Can I get the hot lead missions again to unlock him in a new playthrough? is it a bug? Must I wait after next week?

Nope, you gotta wait like the rest of us.

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Try going into his character screen via the Archives and resetting his Story progress. I haven’t checked to see if it works w/ him, but it works if you fail the Eyedol quest - makes the quest pop back up pretty much instantly.

SL Hub Menu>Archives>Characters>Kilgore>Reset Story Progress


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That doesn’t work, devs confirmed it.


Damn. Guess that means I am prolonging the eff out of this playthrough. * shrug *

you can reset a character story? lol never heard about it

Yeah, that way you can get all the cinematics and accompanying missions again.

What I’m wondering though before I do this, will it reset other things aswell?

For you guys:


Question if you reset a characters story do you have to obtain all dossiers and mimic skin requirements again or is it only the cinematics?