Do you guys think Season 3 will be more Mature and less limited by its kid friendly rating?

We have had a long thread about the level of campiness in Killer Instinct. I’m not trying to start another discussion about it being good or bad.

Do you guys think the game will darken up at all in the 3rd Season?

I don’t think it’ll get too much darker, if at all and I’m ok with that.

It’ll be the same as it’s been at to this point. No more, no less.

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no it will be the same but with more cringey ig stage ultras

(covers eyes)

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Will be the same and honestly i wouldnt care if it got more darker and i wouldnt care if it got less. We can have characters like hisako and thats enough for me, dont care that much about the story, its nice to have thats all

Given critique and fan feedback from the forums and fanbase, it’s not without a bit of merit IG may approach season 3 a little differently in some regards. They may learn from previous mistakes and successes to learn how to approach their character designs and storyboarding, as a new experience should be built on top of older experience when possible.

However, asking an artist to change his style of drawing completely in a matter of months is a difficult thing to do. Don’t expect a complete, dramatic transition all together. They may learn how to shift some of KI’s tone a little, but to expect the game to just make a huge transition to a completely different tone of story telling and art doesn’t seem like it’s a realistic goal, or even a good idea really.

Personally, I don’t find any problem with the game’s tone as is, and I have trouble seeing the viewpoint of those who think the series is too kid friendly. I’m not throwing out the notion altogether, I just have difficulty seeing it and even further siding to it.

In the interest of getting this thread back on topic: I think it will be slightly darker, simply because the story is already headed that way with the whole Gargos thing, but at the end of the day I don’t expect nor want too much of a tonal shift, I love me some cheese.

Good point. Gargos will bring a climax to the story. Might get crunk. Personally I don’t think it will change much, but I do think the game will look/feel a bit darker.

I expect more of the same, the game isn’t going to suddenly shift in tone and attitude.

I think before the question can be answered, there needs to be some clarification as to how Season 1 & 2 were “kid friendly”, and how that was a limiting factor.

There’s definitely merit to be had in examining the limits of creative freedom, but the question begins from the base assumption that some aspect of the tone is limiting that freedom. If we assume the developer comments are true, that’s simply not the case. And yes, no doubt there is some internal debate at Microsoft and Iron Galaxy as to what is or is not crossing a line, but I think we have to assume that at the end of the day, everyone involved with the production of ‘Killer Instinct’ is more or less proud of the game they’re make, or else they’d be looking for a different project.

So, what changes would you like to see that would make the game more “mature” – I really dislike using the term in that way, as it’s not very accurate – and seeing as we know the game is not going to get an M rating, how would you like to see those changes implemented?

Honestly, i want another round of season 1 hitting at season 3. But this time with the injection of new stage ultras and ultimate combo for every single character. Can you imagine how dope it can be performing an ultimate combo with Eyedol or Gargos?! You play the dream match, Eyedol x Gargos and in the end you can kill one of those evil demigods. OMG! Da HYPE.

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Cleaned up a bit in here. Please stay on topic.

whats dark to you?

Perhaps so, perhaps. Right now we just have to take a wait-and-see approach on this for the time being

I think with Gargos on the horizon, the game getting a bit darker is certainly a possibility, but when you really think about it, we already have a rogue AI that controls 1 of the world’s most powerful mega-conglomerations and that also wants to eliminate anyone and everyone if they can’t live up to her delusional potential. Also, there’s a thousands year old sorcerer who knows more magic spells and curses than anyone, a girl who can’t be killed because she’s already dead… Oh! And a guy that can potentially go supernova. I’d say it’s already pretty dark when it really comes down to it…

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If Evil Dead is anything to go by, cheesy doesn’t necessarily mean it can’t be dark. Dark humor is still dark, after all.
I think of KI as a series will be a lot like Fallout. It’s got a story and lore that are rife with edginess, but it does so in a knowing, tongue in cheek sort of way that keeps it from accidentally tunneling up its own bottom.
I don’t expect a major shift in tone, because even if it gains some dark elements the edge will likely be dulled from cutting so much cheese. :wink:

If the game gets darker, we won’t see what happens on screen.


I think the story is already pretty dark it’s simply not delivered in a serious tone.


Not much to add here. No I don’t think it will change. But I also don’t think people are accurately describing the game. It’s pretty dark already. Ghosts and skeletons and werewolves being tormented by a soulless robot bent on manipulating the future evolution of the human race. Sure, kid’s stuff.


You can be mature with this rating.
See: Gargoyles.