Do you ever get that feeling

When you go against someone so spammy, or so bad, that you feel like you just lost skill from fighting them?


I don’t have that feeling atm.

I have that feeling when i smash someone who’s trying over and over the same combo.
Imo, it’s the time to practice manual lol.

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No I have never felt like LowTierGod or DSP


if I face someone like that in exhibition I just keep rematching until I beat them. if you’re playing ranked you just gotta take that L and learn from it.

“I’m just pressing buttons here.”


I like to do the same combo to try and provoke equally predictable combo breaker patterns so I can get counter breakers, lol. It works sometimes but they start breaking at different times when they realize it is what I did so I have to readjust to the new pattern. :sunglasses:

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But no, my favourite is Orchid slides, I respond with Maya’s crouching hard punch and they just do it again and again and again and again as if it’s magically going to catch me out after I’ve repeatedly snuffed it with C.HP.

Also people who keep jumping in on Spinal when he has skulls and get caught by the overhead one again and again and again, it just makes me feel like “well, if you’re going to keep doing that, I’m just going to keep doing this until you do something different.”

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Okay good. Because I went against a Jago who did Wakeup DP every single time, and I mean EVERY SINGLE TIME

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I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’m a victim of this. As an Aganos player, my options are already limited (no real effective dash or back dash), and since I can’t get the overhead without getting in, I often feel like I have very little recourse when trying to open up a defensive player.

Hmm, I’m guessing his armour chunks don’t snuff the skulls? I don’t really use Aganos so my knowledge isn’t great, he does always seem to play from the corner though, more “come in my space and I’ll hurt you” is the way I’ve seen pretty much everyone use him.

If anything catches him jumping, his chunks won’t work (c.HP drives me nuts). Because of that, he’s very much a grounded character, and he loves to keep others there as well.

Well, you don’t need me to tell you how to play Aganos but you can use one of those chunks to give him a pretty insane nearly full screen high/low mixup with peacemaker… which is at least worth mentioning here.

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That’s one of my favorite things to do actually, but even that takes time and space that you have to make 1st…

I actually had a match like this the other day. The guy I was playing against just wouldn’t stop jumping, so much so that it made want to start jumping as well just to stuff him, only he ended up stuffing me half the time. I felt bad afterwards because of how much of my life he managed to snag from that BS.

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I main Sadira… If I’m not being RQed on, I’m getting messages telling me how big a scrubby player I am for using such a skill-less character. Apparently I’ve been dumming down other KI players for ages. :stuck_out_tongue:

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :grin:

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I always feel like my skill level and performance in the match depends on the person I’m fighting. Which is sad lol

Did you fall for it everytime?

In what way does it depend on your opponent? Like you play to the level of your opponent or you do the name recognition thing and think “this is free/this is bad.”

I admittedly do the latter.

Sometimes. Occasionally they grab instead of DP, so I get groggy and get hit by complete shenanigans

Either way, I usually win once they’re out the corner