Do you ever get that feeling

I feel like I just play worse when I find someone who just doesn’t play well lol

Nope,but it’s boring and tiring. Same as players that rely on eternal throw loops and then neutral/empty jumps to bait tech throws. So sometimes I end up playing just like them, it’s better than complaining, but doesn’t mean I get more fun from it.

No, because it’s a method to be unpredictable, spammy or just awkward in play. I myself used to play like that because I didn’t understand optimizing combos. Being spontaneous is good in ranked or in one-and-done exhibition because it takes some people a tad longer to adapt. So you can essentially get away with such bogus.

Though in ft5,7 or 10’s, they fail. Mostly everyone will understand and react accordingly for it to stop working. Though sometimes it still gets the better out of you because of how stupid the strategy is. I used to do L.Endo > Shadow Wind Kick because it was silly and sometimes worked.

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Bringing a semi-similar statement to the topic

You ever just feel unlucky sometimes?

Yeah. Everyone has those days at some point.

But I’d like to bring up another thing. This isn’t to point out anybody but it’s just from experiences I’ve had before.

Has anyone ever played someone so bad that you don’t know what they’re thinking and end up having a hard time against them? Like you know they’re new to the game or something like that but their level of thinking is so foreign to you that you don’t know what to do?

I guess a better way of saying it is like you playing high level so much that you don’t know how to deal with the low level anymore. And again, I’m not trying to point fingers but I hate when this happens to me.


Ever heard of the phrase called “YOLO SLIDE” boyz?

And as soon as you win you stop playing KI for the day and go to sleep with the sweet satisfaction that he can’t beat you back.


Dude, that happens to me so much that it gets annoying. And then those are the players with the random lag, and it’s just a pain.

Every single day