Do we need a survey on the forums? Does he have a point? Does anybody who rant on this forum have a point? Should some major changes be made to the forums? Just wondering.


Watching the series now…

This should be good.

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He makes some valid points. I hope we can have like some customer service survey or feedback form that we can fill out.

Valid points? Like saying making fun of someone’s choice for an accessory set while blaming the community for someone being banned?

EDIT: This is a troll account, i apologize to everyone for even humoring this guy. He is making tons of troll threads, and will be banned soon.

Original text:

Im sorry, but i couldn’t even get through video “1” of the series.

This guy is an aggressive, illiterate, snowflake.

If he had any good points, i didnt get to them, because i already wasted 10 minutes of my time listening to him complain about “fair treatment”.

He claims that we are allowed to “gang up on him”, when he cant even show a single instance of a moderator allowing us to post inappropriate words toward him.

He gets mad about his posts being flagged when he uses words that contribute NOTHING to the conversation, and instead just angrily insult the devs.

There are TONS…

…of threads on this site that go against the developers, or call out the work they have done, which do NOT get flagged or taken down because they were done in a CONSTRUCTIVE manner.

This is just another one of those people who cant go a single day without threatening, insulting, or using bad language towards someone. He will continue to cry and complain about things that DONT exist, and be left wondering why nobody will take his side.

If the community does need a survey, it shouldnt come by THIS GUY’S request, thats for sure.

(I assume he talked about Geek’s banning at some point. THAT is a real issue. For MANY reasons. Geek needs to be un-banned, so i guess we do agree on at least 1 point.)


i made it about 50 seconds, and he still hadnt said anything other than “everyone who disagress with me SUCKS ■■■. Im trying to make the game better for everyone, and give the devs tips on how to make better games, and the forum guys are being MEANIES at me waaaaa”

nothing constructive or informative by the time i clicked it off.

“i wouldnt waste my time on these ■■■■■■■… to make a video series longer than 4 parts at 9 mins each. i wouldnt waste my time …more than that absurd amount of time to make a video about me not wasting time on these forum ■■■■■■■ yada yada yada”

anytime anyone brings up anything like this i just think “8 million and counting means theyre doing something very right”

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THis dude on the video is an idiot. He talks shitt abot ppl that supposedly talk shitt. I cant stand ppl that have no life and just spend all the time trying to make others miserable. Its sad really.


“The Cult of the Ultra-Combo Forums.”


Ok. What ever he believes. Not gonna attack him for it. It’s his opinion, and he’s entitled to it.


We’re a cult now?

:confused: Well that’s new.



I swear I was laughing so hard I stopped it half way and left.
I think I S__T my paints!

NO COMMENT---------


Yeah I couldn’t make it through more than halfway either. Just…sooo…toxic…

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    ---------------That was funny------------------

I heard his is a top player, winner of many tournaments.

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I managed to watch all of it…



Oh dear heavens you poor thing. :scream:

lol who manz is dis!?

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Hey guys… uuuh, forget it.

Hey if we are a cult. Can I be the cult leader for a day? :imp:

He has spent a lot of time on a game he doesn’t like and a forum full of people that he also doesn’t like. I think he is the one with the problem.


Wow. That is impressive that you watched all of it. You are my hero. I got about 2 min in and stopped.

I went above and beyond…

I hit Part 3…

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LOL This getting weird…