Do we honestly need a Season 4?

I ask this as people seem to be talking about season 4 already even though season 3 isn’t even done yet. As we’re almost one character away from the finale I felt like I had to make this and say no there shouldn’t be one imo. I’d much rather have a brand new next gen KI than for them to add more to this game. The games changed so much each season and while i do still love this game/series (probably Top 3 favorite FGs) I don’t know if I see myself wanting to learn how to break/fight another 8-9 characters and learning another system change. I don’t really want this game to have a roster the size of like MvC (yes it’s an exxageration) since I feel like it defeats the purpose of wanting new players to play this game but have to learn all these match ups. Just my thoughts though and am looking forward to see what they do with KI. If u guys plan on doing KI4 plz bring back Beserker Mike(if he can) and Mick Gordon :].


Probably not, but we do need an Eyedol, so if he isn’t in S3, we need a S4 to welcome our Lord Eyedol into the modern age of KI :slight_smile:


Yes. Season 4 over brand new game. This one is just now kinda blowing up, from what I can tell. Absolutely no reason to jump ship and move on to a new-new shiny-shiny so everyone invested in the franchise can start from start from scratch. This title has serious potential for longevity, beyond just 3 years or so. Should Doc Brown have just bought a faster car, perhaps a Corvair, instead of continuing to develop the flux capacitor? C’mon now.

Further, does anyone really wanna spend a year getting hype about Jago and Sabrewulf reveals? Right now, IG has (almost) the entire core roster in a functional system, with core lore more or less taken care of. So from here, they have all they need to expand and develop, to grow.

It’s essentially a question of MORE of a thing we love (S4) vs a DIFFERENT thing to love (KIx2).

If given a vote, I’d vote MORE.

EDIT: To be fair and honest, though - a noob to the franchise as I am, they (IG) has garnered some real fanboyism outta me.


I’d actually be much more interested in them just starting a new game from scratch. I would absolutely LOVE to get hyped for Jago and Fulgore reveals and such in a new system. Probably for a few reasons: 1. I hate the art style of this Killer Instinct, I would prefer something much darker and more realistic. 2. I love small rosters. The game is really starting to turn me off with how many characters there are. I just don’t believe any Fighting game should ever have more than 15 characters for any reason. 3. It gives us a chance to keep looking forward to more content spread out over time. How much more can they possibly add to this game? 4. It allows them to tear down the convoluted stories that they have tried to push in. Maybe if they had a bigger budget we could see an actual fleshed out story with a proper lore and canon endings. I would be a huge fan of rebooting the series back to how KI 1 and 2 were: Very small casts with actual canon endings for the story. Some characters die and don’t return to the sequel (sequel seasons in this case) for the sake of continuity and keeping the roster down. I mean, lore alone is enough reason to me to tear this game apart and start over, they’ve done the most terrible job imaginable at recreating the magic of the old KI storylines.

Blasphemy! Blasphemy!

KI will never die! It must not die! It must live on! S4 is coming! Phil Spencer has made a promise to us - and I aim to make sure he keeps it.


Ur gonna have people either angry/happy that he’s in the game or people that are angry/happy he’s not in the game and we got an original character lol. There’s like no win/win situation since there’s only one slot left

True true and while there is no right or wrong answer as to whether he should be included or not, I personally have to side with the Eyedol fans simply because everybody else has already gotten their favorite KI1/KI2 characters back. It is probably pretty easy for some people say they want an all new og character when all of their favorites have already been re imagined into this current game. The Eyedol fan base can’t say the same.

I would say add Eyedol as the 8th character, and then make one more all new character later (maybe community fund Eagle) who could then replace the random select box on the char select screen. That way Eyedol fans get their Eyedol, and the people who want a new character can kind of get that in the form of Eagle.

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There are possibly two slots left, given that each season has had nine characters so far (including the bonus). I am also in the camp that the game should stop after Season 3 – I prefer the smaller, more distinct roster without a ton of clones and overlapping fight styles. It seems like a number of people are hooked up on the idea of shadow characters – I think that’s really, really terrible, but if we were to close out with Eyedol and Shadow Orchid we’d have another female character and everyone back from the original cast. Close the book. Add in stages as community-funded DLC and balance it and I think you’ve got a really perfect game. Then a year or two down the road they can add a new character if they really want to go above 27.

After Eyedol gets released, hopefully KI2 would be in the works, I don’t see the need for a S4… Maybe by the time Scorpio comes out we would see how it’s developing.

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  • just a few all new characters for S4
  • full cutscenes for story mode in S4
  • Eyedol as last character for S3
  • just this KI for this generation
  • bug free leaderboards for S3

How bout instead of a full on season 4, they do a hype train bonus stages, ultimates and Eyedol to round out the game? Coming up with 8 brand new characters and 1 comeback character would be a large undertaking. I would prefer a content compilation. Bug fixed, graphic/camera improvements, make KI as good as it can be.

Pretty sure they can keep the game “alive” by just doing regular updates and/or giving stages to those that didn’t get any. New modes would be pretty good too like online training. I just worry and it does seem like the more characters that get into the game the more people aren’t willing to give this game a chance cause there “two seasons behind”. I don’t even think they updated the dojo yet with this past update.

4 new characters (assuming last of season 3 - Shadow Orchid )

,eagle,johana dark,fishman,eyedol

the another half of the season :

stages *
no mercys*

that’s all for me

To me, I’m one of the people who would be fine with season 3 being the last season as far as major updates and story goes. Of course there can be things like bug fixes, balance changes, and probably one or two characters and modes here and there, but I’m fine with things post-season 3 to be like bonuses for being such an awesome community instead of a full on new season. Gargos is pretty much established to be THE final boss of the whole game. So once he is beaten and all is set and done, there’s no further reason to continue the story of this iteration of KI.

For example, if Eyedol doesn’t make it in season 3, then he can be like a special extra character for the fans who wanted him. Put the torches down that doesn’t mean that he will be a half baked character. I’m fairly certain the devs are aware of the Eyedol fandom and want to have him as full of a character as possible with his moveset, colors, accessories, and retro. Heck, but can even have his own story mode albeit non-canon. Same thing can apply with other characters they might want to add.

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Something for you all to keep in mind is… the biggest mode of the season hasn’t even rolled out yet! Plenty of goodness yet to come.


To be technical we don’t “need” any season but there’s plenty of content to add to this game so I definitely want more seasons.It doesn’t have to just be characters and stages either although that’s preferred, I’d love to see more retro themed stuff, like KI2 themes in training mode, Classic stages etc.


I love it when people come in and say “we don’t need more of THIS content, we need the SAME thing ALL OVER AGAIN but with BETTER GRAPHICS”.

This was sarcasm, BTW.

I honestly don’t get it. If something works fine, why can’t you just keep adding content and refining it? Why build a new one from the start all over again? You like to buy a new house every 3 years or so? Because why make refurbishments when you can simply buy a new, better one, right? Some people simply don’t have the financial availability to buy a new console every 3 or 5 years to play the improved version of the same game. And the industry keeps doing this because people simply keep feeding them with this type of thinking.

We had a visual update in S3. Who’s to say we can’t have another one, focusing on character models, in S4? And keep adding content and refining the current game instead of creating a brand new one on a clean slate?

We may not need a new season in its true meaning, but I’d rather see KI evolving with new content on a slow but steady basis over the next years. Even if it launches in a new console, it doesn’t have to be a brand new title. It can be the same game, but with upgraded visuals. This way, it wouldn’t nullify the existing version. The “rich guy” can buy a new system and play the game with enhanced quality, while the “poor guy” can play a less polished version, but can STILL play it.


SF4 ran for 7 years across iterations.

I’ll just leave that there.

Shintristan and I were complaining about this on Twitter. Let’s enjoy folks, shall we?


If you just cherry-pick one game out of the entire SF series…yeah, that may be a good example.

If you look at the whole series,(SF, SF2, SF3 SF Alpha 1,2,& 3(1,2,&3), SF EX(1,2,&3), Mvs SF, MvC (1,2,&3)…and who knows what else) it vastly goes against your example.

Why would I pick a game that contradicted the point I was trying to make? Would it seem relevant to evoke Alpha in that context?

USF4 is a contender for best in franchise history (that and 3rd strike tend to be people’s picks), and KI3 is easily the best game in the KI franchise, so it made sense to me to draw the comparison.

And I fail to see how MvC3 goes against my example considering its persistent tourney relevance.