Do people see the brilliance of this character select screen?

You can shrink the icons by, lets say, 5-10%, and add 1 or 2 more rows (even shrink the animated characters once selected a bit)

For future, they can change colours, etc if they wanted too but they can keep the actual grid how it is. Reduce a bit of work at least i would imagine.


That and it looks good. its similar to…Street Fighter 4 Ultra, right?




I love it, except for one thing.
I don’t like that the characters are just shown as black silhuettes when before you pick them. I shouldn’t have to pick my character to see how he/she looks like. :confused:

But other than that, I love it. ^^


I would like it if the color picker actually changed color to match the color you are picking. For example: if I picked Jagos’ default color, the hexagon would turn blue & red.

It’s really just a nit pick, but I would love to see this implemented.


Pretty sure they did that as a reaction to everyone complaining about load times for the last two years. This at least immediately shows you something before the model is able to actually load. I like it, and I love seeing the new animations of the characters stepping out of the shadows.


I feel like they did that to cut down / out lag. One of the things I hate/hated about the S1 and S2 select screens was the lag when switching between characters. If they have to go with silhouettes, I’m fine with it as long as it is smooth.


No no, I do get WHY they did it!
I just don’t like the looks of it. If they were kinda in shadows, but you could still see the features and such, I wouldn’t mind it. But they are completely black, flat silhuettes as is now… and that doesn’t feel right to me.


Yeah I hear ya, but that’s the thing. If the shadows showed all the details, it would require the loading time, so we’d still be sitting their waiting for them to load. They only load instantly because they are completely black, flat silhuettes.

Well, honestly, would rather wait a bit for the character to be revealed than what it is now.

What he’s saying is that instead of the shadowed sprites (let’s just call them sprites) that we get the same exact sprites but with some details shown so we can still sort of see the character. This is what MKX did, the default icon isn’t the actual character model but a sprite that you see as the model loads.

Currently while the shadows are nice you still have to pick the character to see what they look like which is kind of counterproductive imho.


Maybe they couldn’t do it like that because of MKX.

Showing your character on the character select screen is not unique to MKX.

But the still image with features that loads into a character model is.

Then they could do something else.
Main point is, I personally don’t like that they are just black silhuettes that won’t show the character before you actually have to pick them.


It looks awesome, so much better.

The animations :heart_eyes: :ok_hand:

I seriously can’t wait

I like the select screen silhouettes. I mean, I generally think that you can see a character and check them about in the customization screen if I want to check them out before choosing them. This adds a cool bit of intrigue while giving the basic outline of the character.
I’m really happy they fixed up the delay while making the select process even cooler.

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The problem with your suggestion is that KI characters have customized colors and accessories. So instead of a black silhouette, which version do you show? To do what you are suggesting, there would have to be a default static version (instead of the black silhouette) of the character as you move the cursor around. You then select the character and it then loads the real model (with color/accessories), replacing the static image, that then animates and walks forward. So it wouldn’t be a smooth transition. It would look janky and be more confusing.

Imagine you are a new player at a friends house seeing KI for the first time. You select saberwulf because his pre-select static image (that you want) looks neat. You press A and it loads his retro with a bunch of accessories. You are like “wtf, that’s not what I picked, what is that?”

No more lag select screen! Yaaaayy!!! And it looks awesome too, so much better!

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The first, main version. Everything else is just customization fluff.
Character identification is important, imo. And a black silhuette works against that.

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Yeah I gotcha, but MKX doesnt have the customization and color options that KI has, so it just wouldn’t work the same. It’s not a “sprite” but I’ll call it that to keep the terminology the same… They would have to implement hundreds of ‘sprites’ of each costume/color/accessory combination for that to work, and even then, would still require load time.

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What’s the big deal regarding S3? SHADOWS!

…so with that in mind, I like how you can’t readily see the characters to start - it’s made to look like they’re coming out of the shadows. :wink: