Do I suck?

Hey guys I was recording a series of online matches with this guy and he was bashing me saying I suck. Now looking back on the first fight I was spinal (angelsndemonslp) and I have to say I was standing my ground, anyway I wanted to see if anyone would give constructive feedback on my gameplay with him. Specifically my spinal.

thanks guys


You could use some skull mix ups but you are fine. Don’t worry about it.

thank you for the reply! what do you think of the matches so far?

It si good. You just need to add some mix ups and work on your combos. They’re a few times you could’ve continued your combo but dropped it.

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ok thanks! yea I play better than this lol. I`ma upload a 75 minute video of me battling my xbox friend. lol thanks :smiley:

Don’t let ppl get to you. You can determine your skill by how atisfied you are playing match to match. If you get to do most to all of what you want to do then you’re good.


You are fine dude, and you did hold your own but I think I know why he said that.

I noticed after you took his first health bar you taunted, then in the second match you did the same thing, notice after you taunted, when he took your bar he taunted like 15 times between the round, I have a feeling when you taunted, it ticked him off (some people get upset at that for some reason) and that’s why he messaged you or w.e saying you sucked lol some people apparently get really angry at taunting.

But either way, I wouldn’t pay any mind to it. I certainly don’t value the opinion of people who go out of their way to message people hate mail.

Nothing was “wrong” with how you played, he was just extremely happy with himself.
He was not very good, just slightly better than you.

You are doing the right thing by coming to the forums and asking for help, though. If you really WANT to get better, we can have you beating that guy 100 times in a row in less than a week :wink:

You could come here and ask for help from anyone you want.

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Don’t worry about that. I played KI Season 1 in 2013, I was so terrible player because I don’t know how to combos and etc. I was lame player until Season 2, then I get better, better and better than before! You will get better than before! :slight_smile:

There’s a couple things going on here. One is that he didn’t enjoy the taunting. You kind of get what’s coming to you when you teabag like crazy. What do you expect him to say to you? “Thanks for that?” It pretty much looks to me like you were being kind of a jerk and he beat you up…

But the other issue is a bit more challenging but common -it looks like he’s not as good as he thinks he is and it bugged him that you held your own without doing anything fancy or high execution. He was throwing out Glacius manuals in the first round (and missing them later on) so he’s clearly spent some time practicing and thinks he should be doing better than this against you.

Otherwise some people just like talking trash.

You seem to have a pretty good understanding of some aspects of the game, but some weaker elements. Lots of missed breakers. Lots of missed opportunities for shadow counters. A bit too hesitant with most of your moves. My recommendation would be just to play more while being conscious of these things. I might also suggest you pick a character and stick with it for a while.

Lol can I take you up on this offer? That sounds like something I am very interested in doing XD

Go ahead and visit that thread i linked.

You can get help from people with many characters. Or you can just ask anyone for help on the basic and advanced system mechanics.

(All you really need to know is how to NOT drop a combo, and you could probably beat that guy.)

Well I probably could have beaten that guy in particular, and usually don’t drop combos. My main 2 issues are opening up people who really know how to block, and being more efficient at blocking myself.

Also, my Combo Breaking needs major improvement too lol

But I will check it out, thanks man.

Ol what’s the deal with tea bagging and it being a sign of disrespect? I play in the lobbies n we tea bag each other like crazy lol. I get tea baged daily on killer instinct I find it funny lol. Plus its just a game its not like I’m giving him The finger or spitting in his face. Anyway thanks for the response guys. I should have more content s9on. Oh yea how did tea bagging start. Like who invented it? Lol


There are only 2 possibiliteis.

or dont.

so if someone takes the extra effort to tea-bag you, chances are they are disrespecting you. And a lot of people dont like that. (especially since the idea is that THEY PUT THEIR [CENSORED] IN YOUR FACE!)

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Oh OK. I laugh and beat their bra8ns out n tea bag them back lol. In the lobby I beat some skilled players and in another I’m going easy on a noob. A fights a fight. I’ll only tea bag if they tea bag first. Thanks for the info and feed back guys

I only t-bag if someone uses a really mean strategy, like when a Shadow Jago player just does jumping HP the whole match.

When i play someone with a Top32 pro star, and the match is pretty even, and im giving them a tough match, and they T-bag me, that is the most discouraging thing ever. i feel i should be respected for putting up a good fight against someone so good.

Aside from this being in an artsy section???
I think you have the combo breaking down , which is great… the best offense is a great defense. But you cant keep a combo going to save your life, seems like your smashing out autos… and somehow even those drop. Put on combo assist mode if your gonna keep doing that.

Spinal is pretty nasty, and your well on your way if you stick with him. That said, if I ever run into you online and you are nasty, Im blocking you…I hate spinal :poop: . big time.

But I mean, if you really want to make the guy saying you suck salty… report his messages… Microsoft are pretty strict about that… Losing count of the guys theyve " taken action " against because of reporting lol.

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The things you listed are largely things that you improve by thinking about them while playing a lot of games. Blocking is just something you should always be doing if you aren’t doing something else. Many of the good blockers you run into come from old school games where you really could successfully “turtle” your way out of most situations. I have to admit, failure to just block stuff is something that is a bit hard to comprehend. And if course you need to stop mashing buttons as well.

For combo breakers I would go to the combo breaker training mode and pick some of the more popular characters as your opponent. Start with one strength and just worry about recognizing that. Then, when you go out into the real world, stop thinking you have to try to instantly break every combo. Just focus on seeing something you recognize (heavies or mediums) and breaking those. If your opponent doesn’t do medium or heavy ADs then you are better off not breaking and taking the low damage combo than getting locked out and having him mash heavy for max damage.

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Don’t put pro star players on a summit like that. My advice.