Disney buying the rights for X-Men and Fantasic Four

Reality stone shenanigans ftw. Xmen is coming back yes. Although I wouldn’t mind since we are not getting the same actor for wolverine we could get X-23 involved with marvel

Please let’s now have
-marvel ultimate Alliance 3
-a Psylocke stand-alone ‘’tomb raider’ origin

A freekin Marvel FIGHTING GAME
( no cheesy obscure absurd vampire robot gargoyle anime guest crap)

The return of Marvel heroes or an all-new game concept with all X-men and the marvel universe UNDIVIDED

Do you guys realize what this means in the sense of
Licensing? Action figures games films theme park rides animated features


MSN article

Oh hell yeah!

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Ok if capcom makes another excuse of why x men is not in MvCI I’m gonna have a discussion

It would take some time before we would be able to see X-Men in MvCI, if ever. First Marvel needs to finish negotiations, and who knows how long that will take. And then Capcom needs to get their licensing in place before they can even start on making the character models and program their gameplay. Also, they would have to pick certain characters that they know would sell well to support their inclusion in the game.

If they work too fast, it would just end up sloppy, and no one wants that.


Yes I’d much rather hear at E3 2018 that there is a new fighting game featuring Marvel characters to rival Injustice series!

I just lost my eyeballs!

That would be amazing! A non-crossover Marvel fighting game WITH the X-Men characters, amongst them Psylocke, of course… THAT would be the dream. :heart:

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Here’s an Infographic of Who Owns What Marvel Characters Now - Comicbook.com

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To be fair, MvC has always been about multiverse vs multiverse insanity. IMO the only thing “crap” about MvCI’s roster was the fact that a large portion of it’s roster was straight recycled from UMvC3 (and in the worst way possible), on top of the glaring omissions of X-Men, Doctor Doom, and other fan favorites. That said, I personally wouldn’t mind an all-Marvel fighter now that the X-Men and Doctor Doom are back in the fold, but it’s obvious they’re going to do MvCI DLC long before that will happen.

Honestly, news of this buyout has been the absolute best news I’ve heard in a while because of what it can mean for Marvel-based stuff in the future. And after hearing how MvCI’s gameplay was actually pretty good despite it’s extremely low budget, I felt that game deserved a better fate. Because of this, maybe it can now.

I’m even happier that Deadpool is still staying rated R ( kinda reminds me of when Nintendo bought bayonetta )

That would be absurd…

…clearly Batman would be a guest. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Also does this mean Meg Griffin is a Disney Princess now?? :confused::thinking:

Anastasia is

Lol not Batman

What I am saying is the great fighting games that were before were not 'x-men with guests.'
We deserve a game with the like stars of Polaris/ Rogue/ Storm/Psylocke/ Dazzler
Colossus/ mr sinister/ danger/ Nightcrawler/ susan storm/ banshee/ havok/ Namor

there are thousands of x-men/ marvel characters to fill a roster of up to 30 fighters without some wide eyed girl in a twirling robot tank that shoots out piñata candy

Those who don’t get it should search

Marvel Mutant Academy 1 & 2
X-Men: Next Dimension
Marvel: Rise of the Imperfects

And also there was a full- fledged open -world inspired Marvel fighting game being developed around '04 that was shelved and it didn’t have to depend upon some odd obscure character to sell.
X-men & Marvel were their own huge property and stood on their own popularity.

The animated TV series was one of the highest- rated etc

A shame this one wasn’t more popular. Mostly because these “Imperfects” were characters people just didn’t care about, but the game was awesome! And Elektra looked so good in this game.

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In the case of fighting games, the main problem was once the crossovers started happening it got to the point where the popularity of the X-Men/Marvel characters lived and died on whether or not they were in the Marvel vs Capcom games. It also didn’t help that the games you listed weren’t competent enough from a gameplay or popularity standpoint to shake that idea either. While I doubt any of us would truly oppose an all Marvel fighter (worked for DC so why not) I don’t feel they have enough confidence to do one without crossing it with the Capcom universe at this point, let alone give it the time and budget needed to make a good game in the first place.

Honestly, after seeing how MvCI was given so little time and money I can’t help but feel jaded towards any Marvel game projects at this point.

To be fair, the gameplay was pretty bad too.

And those loading times! Ugh!
But I’ve had a lot of fun playing this game with my friends back in the day. ^^

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That’s fair. I think in the rush to “esports” people forget that these are all games that ideally we would be sitting around having fun with our friends.

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You know, now that Disney owns all of Fox’s IPs, I wonder if their agreement with MS over the Killer Instinct trademark will have to be renegotiated…

For those that weren’t aware, between the time of KI 2 and KI 2013 made Fox had a crappy procedural crime drama of the same name that like many Fox shows was pulled after 1 or 2 seasons, but it was enough that they held the TM for the name Killer Instinct. MS had to make a deal with them that MS wouldn’t make a TV show based on the game, and Fox wouldn’t make a video game based on their tv show.