Disney buying the rights for X-Men and Fantasic Four

This is awesome news! Maybe we will be able to get some GOOD X-Men movies now! And have some GOOD games as well! :heart:

If this means we will get X-Men characters join MvCi, then I’m ecstatic!


This isn’t just good news this is EXCELLENT NEWS marvel vs capcom can have xmen in there again

They’re technically not buying the rights, they’re trying to buy the whole company and the rights just happen to be part of that.


This is good news for X-Men and Fantastic 4 fans, but I’m kind of worried about Alien, Predator, and Planet of the Apes.


If Disney can allow marvel to do relatively whatever they want then I’m sure they won’t mess with Fox’s mature movies…I hope

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You don’t have to worry, Disney already has a production company that does create more mature content called Touchstone. If Disney purchased Fox, much of their IPs would still fall under their banner, but it would be Disney calling the shots.

Disney would have the movie rights to Killer Instinct.

The deal is already dead so it’s a moot point

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Thank god.

Not sure what OP was talking about X-Men movies turning good under Disney. I’ll take the realistic, gritty Fox X-verse over the rainbow-y, bad-plot-progression-points MCU any day.

As much as I like the X-Men movies, they dug themselves into a hole, while the MCU flourish for each movie that comes out. And since X-Men is my favourite Marvel franchise, I’d love to see their cinematic universe to flourish as well.

This is not just about the movies though, I’d like to see some good X-Men games as well, I’d like to see them in Marvel VS Capcom again, stuff like that.

It saddens me that the deal fell through…

Apocalypse wasn’t up to par as previous ones, but I don’t hate on it like other ppl do. But Logan was amazing and Deadpool was cool fun, imo. And I think most agree?

As for video games, I definitely can’t argue that. Shoot, not just have them be in good games, but ANY game. The last X-only game was like 2011? I’d love to see some epic X-Men WRPG akin to Bethesda or BioWare games. Or even just an epic action-adventure-RPG game like the Tomb Raider or Darsiders series.

actually makes me realize, Fox should just give Sega the video game rights to the movie X-verse. Sega has Relic, Creative Assembly, Atlus, Amplitude, and their own internal studios all at hand to start a solid video game X-franchise. Fox already has Sega handling the majority of the recent Xenos franchise games. So why not X-Men? Of course, my guess is Marvel still having a say, even in the rights of video games based on the movies.

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Different people like different things. I loved the first two x-men movies but I have found the rest pretty meh. I didn’t love Logan either but that’s just me. Deadpool was okay. I like the fact that the MCU movies don’t take themselves too seriously even when they deal with serious themes.

But as far as needing one to take over the other, I don’t really care. I just wish they would get along better so it doesn’t keep the characters from being in video games.

Bumped because this is apparently still happening…

Yay. ^^

I hope they go through with it, would be so cool to have X-Men finally be part of the MCU.

This guy has an awesome idea of how to make them fit in:

You know, one thing I would love to see come out of bringing the X-Men to the MCU is an PG-13 ensemble movie with Deadpool where his main focus in the movie is being aware of it being PG-13, and having a running gag where he spends most of the movie trying to find the perfect moment to utter his limited obscenities, only to have another character beat him to the punch (Groot would be awesome for this) and him throw a massive fit afterwards.
Though they would likely ruin something so awesome by showing part of it in a trailer…


Don’t watch the trailers then. If you don’t want anything spoiled, it’s best to just ignore them, because yeah, they would most likely spoil something in the trailers.

That said, that’s a fun idea you made. It’d be funny for sure. ^^


He made a Phase 2 video:

I like these vids. It’s awesome to hear some ideas and theories from a guy who knows what he’s talking about, because he can add some details that most people would miss that are essential to the characters.

Well it’s finally official Disney just acquired 20th Century Fox.


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Yay! :smiley:
Rebooting the X-Men series to be part of the MCU is one step closer to reality!