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Been a while since we had a topic like this, kind of refreshing.

Hint for you, TC, ask politely “How do I deal with this character?”


It’s nice to have a good laugh now and again.


Ah this takes me back. (Just hit him after the wrecking ball btw)


Have you tried to DP? Lots of characters have a meterless invincible reversal. Jago, Glacius, Orchid, Fulgore, Cinder, ARIA, Tusk, Eyedol…
Not to mention the plethora of characters with moves that are upper body invulnerable or can spend meter for an invincible reversal.

Just block the wrecking ball and Boop him out out the sky. Spend some time in practice trying to figure out what different characters can do, or maybe spend some time with Rash yourself if you’re convinced he’s too good to lose. Maybe you’ll find people who know how to deal with him that can give you some insight.


there has to be a time in your life when you overcome an obstacle. either you choose to wait for that time to come or u give up.

mdmmourning and I had a good conversation about how the devs need to be more clear in the menu moves lists, about what exactly can’t be canceled.

Yeah man all those Rash and Shadow Jago players dominating the KIWC were outrageous, something needs to be done.


It’s another one of these threads again.

Okay, here goes.[quote=“PsyQuo13, post:1, topic:19574”]
you can do ■■■■ when he spams wreckingball + cr-LK really as a fulgore player you can ■■■■ about it . Or not much .even with other characters you can do basicly nothing against him . He’s a cheap ■■■ character .

You do realize that wrecking spam is punishable like crazy right? Wrecking ball spam is super easy to punish, but you have to be patient for your opportunity, but if you are, you can hurt him good. As Cinder, I can punish a wrecking ball spam with a recap into a burnout ender. Fulgore could easily uppercut him and juggle him for some decent damage, especially in the corner.

This is the part of the attack you should just stop hitting buttons, as it isn’t the punishable part. If he does it from the ground at long range though, you can punish it with almost any character’s heavy normals, they ignore armor. Some characters also have multi hitting moves the can make Rash regret it.

Again, don’t react to the cr.lk, react to the wrecking ball recovery, which Fulgore’s DP could easily hit him, or his crouching HP I think would work too.

No, you didn’t have to work hard at all for your pip meter, Fulgore had a charge mode in season 1 that made it easy mode to gain lots of meter quick. He had a full screen anti air eye laser that made it too easy to swat people out of the air at almost any range, in addition to powerful anti air normals and specials. His Hype Beam did tons of raw damage, and the teleport motion wasn’t that bad. He was way too cheesy in the day.[quote=“PsyQuo13, post:1, topic:19574”]
( and i like to point out ) I never did rage quit NEVER)

If you are making a thread like this, I highly doubt you have never ragequit before.

I’ll give you this one, there’s a pretty big amount of this happening.

If you are complaining about stuff this easy to counter, I doubt this as well.[quote=“PsyQuo13, post:1, topic:19574”]
Even jago is fullscreen shadow wind kick …



Good Rashes barely even wreck ball, they just tongue your **** all day, now that is super annoying when you don’t have a DP, it’s plain harrasment, i will sue you all Rash players


That is highly suggestive…


Rash is so broken NOBODY used him at the KI World Cup. LOL


This post is week 1 Rash release. Everyone felt like this. Then they learned how to fight him. Best answer to Rash’s wrecking ball is to anti air it after it’s done swinging. The only real complaint I have on Rash now a days is his Can Can kicks, I can never tell what strength they are.

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The amount of lol’s to his dance before Loser’s Finals was OP, pls nerf


Well if you think i’m a rage quiter well you have another thing coming :wink:
In all my matches i had I never rage quited NEVER !!! but im considering to do it when i see a rash player all the time cuz its not fun anymore . AND STILL up to day i did never rage quit … ( hey you dont have to believe it ) and i’m not expecting you would believe it … but i can say how i feel in general .

Yes you had to work for you pip meter in season 1 ( you had to charge your own meter ) or by triple dubbles you gain pips .
Back in season 1 …

I can try to react to the recovery of wreckingball still that does not change the fact this move is ridiculous .
And people spams the ■■■■ out of it :wink:

PS read your own comment … You do realize that wrecking spam is punishable like crazy right? Wrecking ball spam is super easy to punish, but you have to be patient for your opportunity… well you opportunity is in the recovery I KNOW THAT !!! but that gape is small my opinion ;)… CR-HP does not work if you like to know … only DP
even LIGHT DP whips some of the time :wink:

And if rash as a over a busted move why not every one seems fair to me ?
I know all to well this is not possible dont think i’m an idiot or something or a retard …
No i’m a oldschool KI player and who loves the game and ever inch of it . but against rash it olmost make me eat my fightstick

But hey the majority is complaining about rash that means something …

Majority hmm? looks around to see only guy in the thread complaining about a move that has been proven to be unsafe.
Like others have said the move can be easily punished even though it seems like it’s not also remember you can shadow counter pretty damn easily.


True So true !!!

Good rash players dont use wreckingball all over the place … And the best of all i lose against people who are button mashing or spamming wreckingball … lollzz ( and I consider my self as not a bad player )

Most of my matches are against killer or killers with stars

You consider yourself as not a bad player? If this was true, you wouldn’t have a problem with wrecking ball. You would just beat it. You aren’t nearly as good as you think you are.


Haven’t seen a forum post since the Shadow Jago OP post last year.


If your trouble is Rash, post your matches so us here can help you. Also, please refrain from using colorful language as it doesn’t help convey your opinion in a constructive manner.

Please do not pass this as fact unless you have the PROOF to show it. Misinformation isn’t the best policy.

You play Fulgore, widely considered the best character in the game. I’d suggest you look into how others approach the match and see their success.