Dude, I literally just tested the light wrecking ball from a grounded state with a followup jumping MK. It is an easy punish, especially from midscreen. I could punish it with cr.HP just fine, as well as light DP, medium DP, Heavy DP, and a cr.HP cancelled into a DP for a 16% damage punish. The only time it misses is there is a chance you can do it too early in the corner, but that’s what timing practice helps you fix.

If you can’t punish a wrecking ball, it is on YOU as a player. You should really hit the training mode because it is a real easy timing to punish. Seriously, you can even juggle with a fireball opportunity.

I couldn’t say it any better, Fincho just said it best.

I can make a “how to punish Rash video” for you so you can learn. Besides that all I can say learn how to block and learn how to hold pressure strings.


This man is either trolling or just doesn’t know how to play the game.


I’d so much aprecciate this. As i said, dealing with his tongue play is so hard at least for me.

ummm what? LMAO this is just too funny

@PsyQuo13 just wanna say this even tho i should not but you are acting like a clown dont know if you are trolling or serious i hope you are trolling

.#NerfKimWu because she can use dragons.


OP, i can understand your feeling a little. That move annoyed me as well. Thing is, i spent my time playing against that move in training mode. As Kim Wu, a character that doesnt have a meterless reversal and a finicky cr. HP anti-air. Now? Rash approaching me in that manner is academic in my options to punish, so long as i execute them.

I feel like if that approach annoys you this much, you should take time to either train against thst approach or against that style of opponent.

I think we have said all that needs to be said. Lets try to keep things civil around here.

This made me lol

Gonna go drink bleach before I even finish reading this holy crap.

Either ask for help or don’t complain lol.


No one’s forcing you to finish, I didn’t lol

I sure didn’t. I just died a little inside.

You know, last January I had little to no knowledge of fighting game mechanics

Now? I have a much deeper understanding & knowledge of fighting games in general + this entire game with every character.

How? Asking players how to deal with stuff instead of going into a full rage fest about a character that’s not even broken. Actually, lemme link you something to help you scrub your ■■■

If you decide to complain more after reading this post above then you are a lost cause @PsyQuo13


ZERO lab it seems. I expected a “Solid complain” about Rash’s crazyness and even juggles but no wrecking Ball xD

I mean…Hello? Fulgore’s wonderful c.HP may help + you have invencible dp. Just don’t let spammers drive you crazy because they are getting to you.
Lab that move out and wreck the heck out of them for trying it. Good luck :wink:

Rash is not broken learn the matchup or play a character that beats rash. All this complaining about characters that aren’t even broken make my ■■■ itch. Hold that ■■■■ and adapt bro.

Someone get this man a cookie

Rash is ridiculously unsafe… I main Fulgore and he has no issue with Rash… Wrecking ball is unsafe, anti air after block stun… Light Dp is your friend.

If you wanna play S1, get an Xb1 install Ki but don’t start/update it from the physical copy combo breaker pack, then unhook any and all internet connections. Then run from the disc. Bam S1 killer instinct patch free with Broken Unblockable Wulf and Unbreakable Sadira. Have fun!

I heard of this new thing called practice mode where you could make someone like Rash do said moves like wrecking ball and see what you can punish him with after blocking it. But Shrugs lmfao


Lmao when they added that bro?